Teaching lies.

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  • Anti-Christ
    When a person no longer cares about the past, they will accept the present without question. The witnesses we talked with are always interchanging the GB/faithful and discreet slave for example, even if you point out the origins of each. Doesn't matter. We've watched family members grow harder with each passing squeeze for control.
    I believe more than ever having watched them in action over the past few months, that this is a very dangerous cult and getting worse. They get no slack from me. I asked them how they could lie - how could they knock on doors, sit in someones house and try to recruit them, when they don't believe all of what they are spouting themselves. That makes them liars. Their lies can change the direction of an innocent persons life in an instant and possibly destroy it - they really don't care. Like a thief in the night they will steal your integrity and your soul to make you theirs. These are not good people. sammieswife.

    Sammielee24 said this on an other topic and it got me thinking of something that happen to me before I started to leave the JW.

    I remember when I had bible studies I was not 100% in sink with what I was teaching. I was uncomfortable teaching certain things, answering certain questions, for example is Jehovah going to kill babies at Armageddon? are only JW going to be saved and so on.. But on one occasion when the doubts really started to set in I did a "test" with one of my bible studies who was a good friend. He had a shaved head and a big goatee. I knew it was to "early" in the study to tell him that eventually he had to change his appearance and he also asked me if he had to wear a suit and tie I would always say no, just be yourself. I finally decided to tell him that in order to be a JW he had to change. He got really mad and asked me why I did not tell him sooner, what kind of religion is this and so on. I was afraid this would happen but I just could not allow myself to lie to him anymore. He finally stop studying, we remained friends for a while but we parted later on.

    When all of this append my doubts really increased, how come telling the truth at the beginning had this kind of affect? Why did the GB instructed us to not tell everything at the beginning? Was it because they knew nobody would join? Of course now I have the answer to these questions I just wanted to share this with you all and get some feedback.

  • BonaFide

    I like your post. I have recently been on some Bible Studies, and I am trying to get some real truth into them. One sister who was conducting asked the student why Jesus healed the woman with a flow of blood. The student answered that she had faith. So I brought out that Jesus healed a lot of people who didn't have faith, who didn't know who he was even. The sister didn't like it. Then I brought up disfellowshipping, but just briefly. The sister said later she never brings up controversial things with her students.


  • Anti-Christ

    Cool! keep up the good work. If the sister doesn't like it you should read her the verse were women are not supposed to talk in the congregation. You will not be popular, that verse is only relevant if your are a man of course ( not that I agree with the verse).

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I was conducting 2 bible studies when I started to have doubts. Both were to the point of starting to attend the hall. I could no longer teach just what the little book said, so I started to sabotage the studies.

    One person was really good at asking questions about the way the book misused the scriptures. I just quit trying to refute her. Both studies got the message when I started to quit going to the meetings. One study was taken over by another person and the other just quit. The 1st one still is a return visit for the jws, but has quit attending the meetings.

    I could no longer teach someone else something that I didn't believe anymore. It helped me to leave pretty quickly. I still believe in a creator and being honest is best for all involved.

    The studies are actually set up to keep info from people until they are more involved. It is dishonest.

  • Anti-Christ
    The studies are actually set up to keep info from people until they are more involved. It is dishonest.

    Yea, that's mind control at work. I find it ironic we were to honest to be in a Christian religion

  • carla

    Has anyone compiled a list of wt's, km's, etc.... where they tell you not to reveal too much at one time to a new study?

    "I find it ironic we were to honest to be in a Christian religion"-- It is ironic indeed, though I would not consider jw's Christian in any sense of the word other than they use it for public display.

  • reniaa

    Load of rubbish, if someone asked me about clothing I would tell them straight about our dress codes in meeting halls etc and you know he could have had a goatee many brothers do now, if it is neat and tidy, why did you lie to him? he would have seen you were a liar and so that would have stumbled him as it clearly did.

    I went to many studies and had a couple myself we make it very clear that we goto our place of worship to God neat and tidy. If someone asked a question I answered it honestly whether she liked the answer or not, what is the point of lying when she/he would see the truth for himself/herself eventually anyway it is counter-productive at best.

    Show me one publication were it says we should lie to our studies as a delaying technique?

  • Anti-Christ

    I don't remember if it was explicitly stated in writing that there was certain things we could not tell a study but I do remember it being the norm. We had to follow what was in the book and not go beyond. The idea was that the student after being indoctrinated at the meetings would accept certain things more willingly

  • poppers

    That freedom to ask questions post-baptism should also be welcomed without threat of it destroying someone's life then, should it not reniaa? Why is that such a dangerous thing to do? How can one be expected not to question things when things have been found out later about their teaching and how they handle those who do question? On the one hand new "recruits" have the freedom to question their current religion and that of the JWs while studying, but that all stops post-baptism upon threat of being disfellowshipped. Is this freedom? Does one's freedom end upon official entry into the ranks of the JWs? Why would that be? Are they to be faulted for not discovering what should have been discovered beforehand so they could have made a more balanced decision?

  • Anti-Christ

    Look maybe now it is accepted but back then it was not accepted, maybe in your area it is okay to have a goatee but in Quebec it is not. The reason why we do not teach anything about dress and groom is because there is nothing in the bible about it ( except were it says we must be modest) that's why we did not teach it. When I lied I did not see it as a lie they would ask if they had to wear a suit and tie to become JW seeing that the bible did not say anything about that I would answer no. The same with the question do JW believe that only JW will survive most answered that only god will judge but we know dam well that is not what was teach from platform. " If you don't go to all your meetings you will die, if you are not baptised you will die, bla bla bla..." BTW my study did not get upset because I lied he got upset because this was the norm, he said "I thought they followed the bible were in the bible does it say that I must dress a certain way or can't have a beard?" Of course I could not answer.

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