Burning Question: Snacks at Kingdom Hall

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  • TreadClimberMaster

    I have not been to a Kingdom Hall for years, about 6. I have been going to other churches, namely, Unity, Unitarian and tonight a Jewish Reform temple. What I notice at all of these churches is one recurring theme: they all serve snacks, coffee and punch in the foyer before and after the services. This is really nice and I truly enjoy it! Why don't JW's do it? I think that going to the Kingdom Hall would be a lot less traumatic for everyone if they had some delicious brownies and punch in the foyer. BTW, the Jewish temple has the best snacks yet! I mean talk about a spread! Shabbat Shalom! Does anyone have an answer?????

  • asilentone

    The dubs will say you have a wrong reason to go to church because there will be free food there, etc..........

  • TreadClimberMaster

    Yes, but still this is not a solid answer. There must be some deep and profound explination for this. By deep and profound, I am being sarcastic.

  • mrsjones5

    The bOrg is misery and out of touch with the niceties of fellowship. I love going to church, dropping off my kids in children's ministry, and getting a nice cup of coffee before sitting down for the sermon. Ah. Reminds me of what my mother (she's a dub) said to my daughter: "You aren't supposed to have fun at church" (picture a wagging finger)


  • TreadClimberMaster

    I love the fact that all churches have childcare. It really makes the experience so much more enjoyable. My kiddo loves going to church, he gets to socialize with little kids, he is not expected to sit still and quiet for 2 plus hours and I get to actually listen to the service. It is very nice indeed. JW's really need to reevaluate their policy of no childcare and snacks! They are such joy suckers!

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    "Because it's Jehovah's house and eating in it is disrespectful". Actual quote from one of the wonderful Shepherds in my old congregation.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    If Brother "Jones" handed out "Cool Aid" at the kingdom hall I would have to excuse myself!

  • blondie

    There has been resistance over the years; partly due to the "rice Christian" concern. Also, it is hard enough to get jws to contribute for the electricity let alone food, There was resistance to putting a small refrigerator and microwave in a small room used by the pioneers for lunch. One year the pioneer school had to be held at the KH and they were worried about grown people getting food on the carpet. The CO finally put his foot down and insisted it be held there since 2 other khs were being remodeled and could not host it. But I did see book studies at the KH have goodie night.

    I went to a Sunday meeting at a Bible Student church (yes those Bible Students) and they had a side building with a kitchen and had a potluck afterwards especially when the speaker was from out of town. I thought that this would be a plus.

    Having worked on several kh builds, I will say that the local secular government were reluctant to give building permission if food was to be prepared and served. So it could be a factor.


  • Nosferatu

    Remember when they had food at conventions? Those fluorescent roast beef sandwiches were the best. I don't know where they got the bbq sauce from, but I just loved it.

    Then they took that away. They also took away one of the dramas. I'm surprised they still HAVE one drama left. Eventually they'll probably take that one away and make people eat ouside of the convention area.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    They only serve snacks and drinks to the anionted at my hall.

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