i just dont fit in anymore...finally figured it out...hate it.....

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  • Robert7

    Oompa, everything I've seen from you shows me you will fit in fine in the real world. Hey, leading your double life has given you experience :) I think it's more the fear of the unknown more than anything, but it's really not as unknown as you think it is.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Okay, you went there. So here's today's slap in the face with reality.

    You are right, Oompa. It ain't so tough for me in comparison. My JW wife never turned me in, nor does she interfere with my right to pursue my own happiness. She would probably divorce me if I went to my co-worker's bachelor party with some stripper present. The JW in her (and her own personality) won't tolerate my being something completely repellant to the JW lifestyle, but as long as my lifestyle means just being an independent thinker and reading questionable materials and watching R-rated movies and sleeping in on the weekends and seeking supportive friends, then my wife lets me do that without interference. She decided that my relationship with God and the WTS (same thing to her) is my relationship to answer for, so she doesn't insist that I behave as a total JW in the inactive state.

    If I were to become a drunken, smoking, gambling, born-again Christian or something along those lines, things would be different.

    Meanwhile, I go on JWS and I meet up with other ex-JW's on a semi-regular basis. When I can pry my wife from the JW stuff, we go to museums and the park and then I lay down with my "hottie JW wife." Other than the lack of an occasional bj that's not allowed by WTS rules, she's just what I need. And do I really need that? As long as there is 'release' for her and for me, I am content.

    I've had to learn to rarely mention JW stuff to her. Hey, if that's the life you want, you can find it. Just don't do the ex-JW stuff in a flagrant, but more of a quiet secretive way. I don't actually hide what I do, but I don't announce it either. But if that's not Oompa, then it would be a tough life for you, too tough.

    I like the idea that you would just be "yourself" in whatever way you need to be, and let the JW wife decide what to do about it. Since you are unable to decide to sh*t or get off the pot, let her decide. Meet who you want, socialize with who you want. Vote, smoke, gamble, go to church, fly a flag, put up lights at Christmas if you want.
    Don't cheat on your wife to get a divorce, but let her decide what to do. If she stays, then make sure she gives her "hottie JW" self over to marital dues. If she leaves, it was on her. If she withholds the dues, throw the WT at her.

    Thanks for pointing out that my life doesn't suck too bad.

  • Quirky1

    Good advice OTWO.

    Oompa, you "Do" fit in, you just don't now it yet.

  • oompa

    lol......ya otwo your life does NOT suck so bad....although you may want to inform your hot jw wife that the sucking is allowed now....they have finally gotten out of the marital bed i think???.........anyhoo........thanks friend.....your advice to let my wife decide is good........maybe i shlould just go ahead and be me.....and see if she can handle that as a dub married to a more quiet ragin apostate.........oomps

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