Phrases NOT to say if you are in a judicial committee meeting for apostasy

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Phrases NOT to say if you are in a judicial committee meeting for apostasy

    • I think Ted Jaracz is cute. Do you think he is gay?
    • I cured the herpes, but it is still there, inactive, so I have to be careful when I fornicate!
    • I don't mind the taste of blood if I drink fast with my eyes closed.
    • I noticed that church services down the street were far more exciting than here at the Hall this week.
    • My wife caught me in her pink pumps again this week!
    • Do you think there is anything to orange juice to cure a hangover?
    • Ever read the Satanic Bible - I found it interesting.
    • Should I get a tat with 666 or just the simple devil icon on my penis?

    Any of the above would actually move the discussions away from apostacy. So perhaps they would be ok?

    Sorry - I am in a mood today.


  • chickpea

    and yet another:

    • is it ok to smoke in here?
  • OnTheWayOut

    If I were called to the JC, I would probably go to avoid the DF. I would answer the first question about my beliefs this way: "I am not here to answer questions. I am simply here to refute the charges." That might be bold, but if there is no testimony from two witnesses or something in writing clearly from you, they don't have sufficient evidence to charge someone with apostasy. If they do have that sufficient evidence, then you have to kiss their asses and agree with anything they tell you and throw yourself on their mercy if you want to avoid the DF.

    They also might just DA you if they have sufficient written evidence and avoid the trial.

    But if you want to make an impression on the elders, and the congregation, then KEEP THOSE MEETINGS WITH THE ELDERS GOING!!!. Have a few meetings with the elders where they have to explain TO YOU the 607 B.C.E problem, the Child Abuse Two-Witness Rule, the UN Involvement, etc.

    I think what you are saying is to ask for follow-up meetings after the JC finishes for them to explain those things. You are saying that this should impress them that your independent thinking takes on these complicated issues.

    THAT's HORRIBLE ADVICE. Are you sure you were a C.O.? I ask because the best advice is clearly to say little or as you say, the opposite of "I don't believe..." but after that, just don't meet with them. More meetings makes more opportunities to slip up and say something about the goofy doctrines. Once you get out of being DF'ed, stay away from two or three elders in a group. Don't tell them nothing, don't ask them anything.

  • ninja

    I said all of the above "do not say" to them.....and still didn't get booted out....yet!

    ninja...the teflon apostate.......come get me!!!

  • ninja

    and with the above takes a sabbatical.........see ya at the other side of BB

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  • PrimateDave

    I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum.


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    AK Jeff, thanks! You made me spew!

  • Amazing


    In 1992, when I left the Watchtower organization, it was much the same as you describe ... one of the first questions is whether I believed that 'this' was God's organization. I used some evasive tactics ... and by 1995, it was the Watchtower legal department in New York that sent me a legal package, and the notice that they had determined that I had Disassociated myself. I was able to evade them a while longer, but I knew that it was over. I never said the 'wrong' phrase ... but I also failed to say the 'right' phrases, though I came close in style to what they wanted to hear ... but it was not enough for them. This is all mentioned in my exit story posted on (

    Strangely, enough, when I met with the CO, he ended up confiding in me that he did not believe "it" was God's organization, but because he was supposed to get some kind of retirement stipend in addition to some level of Social Security, he was lying low ... but he said that he did not blame me, and were he my age (41 at the time) he would leave too. Maybe you ran across him when you were a CO ... maybe not. But, it was refreshing to hear him have a moment of honesty with me ... and it was kind of validating to get him to confess to me, when I was supposed to be the problem person.

    The local Elders were afraid of me for a few reasons, among which when I went to the authorities regarding a molester that they were shielding ... they begged me not to go ... but I did anyway, eventually ... and after that, they were out to find whatever they could to get me out of the organization ... and they finally succeeded ... I gave them enough along the way ... but they walked carefully until the Society told them that they would handle it, and then the local Elders became very bold toward me.

    I am glad it is over ... I was able to testify years later for the victims of abuse ... and in a way, I received a level of justice. And now, I only post for a month or so each year just to stay in touch ... because I was finally able to move on to better things, a richer faith, and a meaningful life.


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