Yikes! The end is immenent

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  • booby
  • asilentone

    Wow, it is on the local news!

  • WTWizard

    They can say that all they want. But, they can take any cross-section of time and say the same thing.

    Take 1975. All they need do is mention the unemployment, the recession, the oil embargo, gas shortages, commodity shortages, and wars that were going on about that time. One could be misled to believe that the end was coming in 1975, and nothing happened but 1976.

    Take 1932. We were in the middle of the First Great Depression, and people were facing shortages. There was also a drought in the midwest, leading to food shortages. Again, nothing happened--even after the whole world broke out in war. We saw 1946, and nothing.

    If they really wanted to, they could go back to the First Dark Ages. People were victims of crime much more frequently than even now (even castles in that time were more likely to be burgled than a home in a bad neighborhood in a bad city today). Back then, highway robbery was normal anywhere (not just carjackings in bad areas in the cities, as is the case today). They had more wars, and people were more likely to die in war than in World War II. There was more war in Europe in that time than there is today in the Middle East, even with the Muslims fighting each other and fighting Christians. Disease was rife--the Plague alone wiped out 3/4 of the population, leaving the Spanish flu far behind. Injustice was worse than today--guilt or innocence was determined by games of chance rather than a fair trial. And people were owned by lords that granted little or no freedom and kept their serfs illiterate. And, still there was no Armageddon during that time.

    They can talk all they want. But, no matter how much the world crumbles today, I look back at the First Dark Ages and see it was much worse. Of course, if they get a chance, they will make the world crumble even worse, take ownership of everyone and everything, legalize knowledge (as in knowledge of Losch's viewpoint only), and plunge the world into an even worse Second Dark Ages.

  • booby

    yes wtwizard. but, but it is imminent. that guy said so. and I am sure he got his insights right from the GB.

  • Heaven

    but, but it is imminent. that guy said so.

    Rutherford said the same thing back in the late 30s and early 40s. "In the months before Armageddon..." He urged young people not to marry or have children... that there was much work to be done. Seventy years later, the cry is now "It is imminent!".

    It will be interesting to see if this guy in the video has the gonads to admits that he made a complete ass out of himself like Rutherford did.

    If one cries wolf too much, one is no longer believed or listened to.

  • NewYork44M

    don't buy any green bananas. The end is coming.

  • drwtsn32

    "...a brush with a JW usually involves a pleasant enough meeting at the front door..."

    I think she vomited a bit in her mouth when she said that.

  • donny

    Damn it! That means the end will come before the next Star Trek sequel.

  • DoubleVision

    Heaven said

    If one cries wolf too much, one is no longer believed or listened to.

    So true. but will the JW figure that out?


  • rebel8

    If they really believe it's sooo "imminent", they'd all be doing press interviews like that.

    I'm glad this one has aired. It shows how kooky they are.

    don't buy any green bananas


    One thing I wonder is why they're all wearing suits and ties. Shouldn't they be donning camos and toolbelts?

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