Yikes! The end is immenent

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  • Heaven

    So true. but will the JW figure that out?

    DV... I believe some individual JWs have figured this out but the Society as a whole.... well, even if they do or have figured it out, it's doubtful they will admit it. If they do, it means the whole fabric of their belief structure will start unravelling. But we can live in hope?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    The end.......but this time FOR REAL! We promise.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    If the WTS really believes the end is due any moment:

    • Do they have a written plan for the day after?
    • Are they instructing the faithful to stockpile supplies?
    • Are they preparing the faithful on how to deal with the chaos?
    • Are they doing any thing at all that shows they are preparing for the Day of the Lord?
  • bluecanary

    donny wrote: "Damn it! That means the end will come before the next Star Trek sequel."

    LOL I used to be so afraid the end would come before the new Star Wars movies came out in 1999. Now I kind of wish it had . . .

  • cameo-d

    That is some damn slick "teaser" advertising.

    This just goes to show you that the media is bought and paid for and journalists are hired by beauty not brains and they are not "real" journalists...they are merely paid readers.

    Media is co-ordinated in their themes, messages, and information. They are synchronized with other instruments of national power. The domininists are running the show, and WT is part of that movement.

    This little advertisement was professionally produced as you can tell from the film footage used----clips from the 30's, atomic bombs blasts, Katrina aftermath. Yep, the WT had this "Assembly Trailer" produced.

    This is very generic and I expect it will be shown town to town as the WT begins to emulate the Billy Graham and Benny Hinn methods of grabbing the crowds and packing them in for assemblies.

    You would like to think this is the age of enlightenment, but as PT Barnum said "There is one born every minute." Looks like they are beating the bushes to find some new converts.

    Don't expect unbiased information to come from any newsmedia...or even from wiki. There are alliances in the works.

    No wonder mags won't be printed so much anymore. They don't want to leave any more erroneous crap in writing. If they use the Billy Graham method of platform speakers, most people only retain about 20% of what they hear...so that leaves a lot of room for "not remembering correctly" and gives WT a lot of leeway to change the light as necessary.

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