When you heard "apostate" who did you imagine?

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  • musky

    I was a young boy when I heard a woman at the door referred to as an apostate. I was kind of afraid and thought she was Satan's helper.

  • Tuesday

    Danny Haszard, he's pretty much everything I expected an apostate to look like, sound like with the same type of signs.

  • cattails

    There once was this guy, cute guy,

    sitting on the trunk of his car with

    a guitar singing some religious folk

    songs and asking people to come

    and talk with him outside the convention

    arena in one of the parking areas.

    He seemed very nice and his clothes

    were casual but not dirty or anything.

    He had some pamphlets he was trying

    to give to people who got near enough

    as they walked to their cars... My mother

    said he was "an apostate." I still have

    that friendly smiley face in my mind and

    thought for the longest time that Satan

    must have turned into an angel of light

    if the cute guy was "an apostate."


  • WTWizard

    The only images of apostates were the idiots outside the Grand Boasting Session, ranting about being saved (as a witless, I honestly believed that I was already "saved" as long as I stayed in) and about some stupid doctrinal issue (that made little difference, and could not be readily proven to be meaningful from the Bible). Those apostates are actually striking their blows so as to land in the air, because they make almost no difference.

    What I would have liked to see is a small group of peacably assembled apostates outside the a$$embly site, with information that would make a difference. There are plenty of things they can choose from--unlike a forum, they only have maybe 2 or 3 seconds to attract attention, and ranting about being saved or that Jesus died on a cross is not going to do much. More people will relate with the pedophile issue or that the organization was a NGO at the UN than will relate to being saved or the cross issue. Or, the blood issue--simply sitting there quietly and calmly, with a poster or two (with a web site) and a supply of flyers, is more likely to do some damage than ranting and raving about being saved, Jesus having died on the cross, or speaking to Russell on the Hell Phone.


    Blondie nailed it!!.............................OUTLAW

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Bill Cetnar. He was the consummate apostate in my eyes when I was a JW.

  • C. T. Russell
  • diamondiiz

    People outside conventions with signs.

    All I can remember were dates but as under cult mentality I didn't bother to check anything out as I assumed that the dates were not teachings but that some thought these dates represented something. As blondie and someone else pointed out, if you're going to waste your time standing outside a convention have something the JWs can refer to in their own publications or something specific that will make them think without ignoring "useless" dates. Either way most JWs when under mind control will not break free until a circumstancein their life comes along. A way to freedom of mind control is similar to when the cult gets hold of your mind - a weak point in ones life.

  • caliber

    .......Just a little joke no serious message here(no offense please !! )

  • moomanchu

    The guy on the corner in brooklyn NY preaching to the bethelites.

    The bethelites called him coffee, at least that's what my brother told me.

    Anyone remember him?

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