Jay Leno or Conan O' Brien

by sspo 24 Replies latest social entertainment

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    John Doe,
    What kind of lawyer are you going to be?

    Why, what kind do you need?

  • Dagney

    Me too Min. I gave it a shot, but he didn't hold my attention. I'm a Letterman gal, but miss Johnny.

    I alway watch Jon Stewart also.

  • daniel-p

    Neither. Both of them have dumb, one-dimensional schticks and are merely gag-writers, like Jerry Lewis or Dick Van Dyke, but without the actual talent.

  • poppers

    I got a chance to watch COB's first episode on Hulu after making my post - it was pretty lame. I doubt I'll be watching any more. I'll miss Leno.

  • oompa

    humor is a kinda funny thing.......sure shows how people have the right to be diff.....i have aways been a letterman fan.....and connan right there with him....leno is fine, but just not "out there" enough for me.....so i like craig too.......i would like to have either of their jobs...or write for them....hell i'll be a page........oompa

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