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    This is fascinating stuff!

    I have a special interest in Jehovah's Witnesses in the Third Reich. I wonder if you ever met and have any observations about Johannes Wrobel or Wolfram Slupina from Germany who have written on the subject, or Jolene Chu in America who has written articles about the Witnesses in Nazi Germany for various journals. And what about Carolyn Wah, did you have any contact with her? I am interested to know what the general attitude was about Witnesses at the branches writing academic histories of the Witnesses during the Third Reich. Did you have any contact with Dutch ex-Witness Richard Singelenberg either? How was he viewed?

    And was there any awareness or specific attitude toward Witnesses who set themselves up as apologists for the Witnesses against opponents: people who have written defences of the Witnesses like Nelson Herle, Hal Flemings and Firpo Carr - I realise Greg Stafford was after you left. Were they viewed as helpful, harmless or a possible threat?

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    And did they take much notice of Evangelical critics such as Walter Martin and Rob Bowman?

    I know they must have taken some notice at some point because they referred directly to Walter Martin in a WT in the 1970s.

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    "And did they take much notice of Evangelical critics such as Walter Martin and Rob Bowman?"

    I know they took notice of Edmund Gruss author of Apostles of Denial. He personally told me that a pair of Witnesses approached him at his home to inform him that he had been disfellowshipped. This happened decades after he converted to Christianity and years after he wrote his book Apostles of Denial.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I appreciate your answers.


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    WT's GB has encouraged certain JWs to write and speak about the history of the Third Reich and JWs. Henschel was deeply involved in the Holocaust Museum and I understand hand-picked someone to work with the directors of the museum.

    Jolene Chu actually took my place in the Writing Dept. As you know she has written extensively about the Holocaust and JWs. She was a reporter for the NYTimes before she went to Bethel. She told the staff in her former department that she was getting a better job at Watch Tower. She led them to believe that she was getting more money. Her associate was shocked when I told her that Bethel was a place that people volunteered to work at; no pay check involved. To me that revealed something about Jolene and it made me question her honesty, ethics and motives.

    Peloyan was thrilled to have Chu in the department. There's probably a number of of reasons that WT is involved in all of this and it could be for monetary reasons. Read the following:

    Chu to Speak at Annual Kristallnacht Program

    Researcher, archivist and writer Jolene Chu will be the featured speaker at Monroe Community College’s 12th annual Kristallnacht program on Monday, Nov. 10, 2003 at 7 p.m. The event is hosted by members of the Holocaust Genocide Studies Project and will be held in MCC’s new Campus Center, Monroe A/B meeting room, 1000 East Henrietta Road.

    Chu’s presentation, entitled “Witnesses of the Holocaust, Witnesses to the Holocaust,” will explore the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses under the Nazi regime and their unique impact on history. In addition to her role as a member of theEditorial Department of the Watch Tower Society,
    Chu serves on the board of directors for the Jehovah’s Witness Holocaust-Era Survivor’s Fund, a survivor-assistance organization which coordinates humanitarian and social programs for Jehovah’s Witness survivors of Nazi persecution.
    The event is free and open to the public. Parking is available in Lots M/M1. For more information, please call 585.292.3321.

    Jolene Chu and James N. Pellechia, a media representative for WT, travel to Europe, to speak in behalf of the WT before the European Council, etc. to try to gain for WT recognition in countries that won't recognize JWs.

    I knew who Carolyn Wah was when I was in Bethel and she knew who I was, but that's all. She was not particularly friendly. We could be on the same elevator and she would not say a word, nor I to her. Her manner was different than most Bethelites. I never saw her smile. After I left Bethel I found out that she and another Bethel attorney were the two who were assigned to mediate settlements between WT and child abuse victims. They are reverse racists. I heard examples of their negative attitude towards white victims. I've been told that Wah spends her time in court in child custody cases where she is known to lie. Some judges refuse to have her in their court rooms. Consequently, I have only a negative attitude towards this attorney.

    Johannes Wrobel is no longer at the German Branch, but drives a truck outside. He remains quiet about his work as Holocaust archivist at the branch. I'm not familiar with Wolfram Slupina or the other gentleman you noted. Perhaps, Jim Penton knows of him.

    WT apologists were quite ignored when I was part of the Writing Dept. I've actually rescued and read some of Flemmings manuscripts which he sent to the Writing Dept that were being thrown away. Unless you have a mediator and supporter in the Writing Dept., your input goes nowhere. Back in 1992, Hal Flemmings work went nowhere. Things might have changed since then. I would assume the same for the other two names you wrote of unless they had someone they directly sent work to and that writer then incorporated the material into his own articles which would make an apologist rejoice even if he doesn't get recognition. I know Schroeder was quite annoyed with the material he was sent by outside researchers and writers which he sent on to Writing and they filed it in the trash bin.

    Gene Smalley once accused Walter Martin of taking an important court transcript that he was permitted to view many years ago. I really don't think that Martin and Bowman's material against JWs has really ever worried Bethel leaders except when the organization stopped growing because of the 1975 fiasco. But when they were on top again with continuous increases in numbers, it didn't matter what opposers said. But since their fortunes have reversed and their public image tainted with the result being few conversions and many exiting, they are worried.

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    Feelin' like a happy little boy abouth "this thread of mine" ;-)

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    Hi OldHippie. Glad you're happy about this thread of yours. Nobody ever asked me questions about the WT before on a public forum so I never shared any information. It's important to me that people understand the WT organization, the good as well as the bad so I'm happy you asked and others did so as well. I hope the information serves a good purpose.


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    It does - and I am SO happy you have taken the time to give such lengthy comments. It is VERY nice, I appreciate it VERY much. I am going away for a couple of days now, but upon returning, I'll ask you a couple of questions along these lines and call the threads the same but "revisited", as I guess they slowly but surely will be buried beneath new threads that have come in the meantime. If not, then I'll just keep these ones alive.

    Again, thank you ever so much.

    But while we're at it, and if I sort of merge these two threads of mine - when I read about the GB members you've known, and your comments about their Bible scholar - relationship, that they were not known as THAT, then on what basis were they chosen, or what were they expected to do? Were they mere administrators, and the research was being done in Writing and elsewhere? And follow-up question: What were they DOING all day long? It seems they were not THAT busy? Were they just doing MBWA as one sociological direction is called - "Management by walking around"?

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    I knew a brother named Jim Spencer who was in Photography. He used to take out some of the Society's books and show us the photos, and tell us the backstories of how they took the photo. He told me that in the Creation book, the photo of the brother with the tie in the beginning of the book, the GB made him take SIX PHOTOS of the same brother until the tie looked right to them.

    Seemed very spiritual to me then, not now of course.

    Barbara, thank you for such interesting info about the Writing Department.


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    Christ Alone


    VERY good thread...

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