Andersonsinfo question: Who wrote them?

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  • TheOldHippie

    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it. When Barry died, it was stated that he had written many of the books, and as far as I recall, Knowledge was mentioned. But perhaps it was more of an editing work, as you state about some of the others.

  • diademadonai81

    hey andersoninfo,

    wud u be havin the scanned copies of watchtower magazines 15AUG 1941, 01JAN 1954, 01NOV 1964 and 01MAY 1978......

    All these refer to worshipping Jesus and Jesus being Jehovah....

    If you have any other scanned copies or online versions of watchtower publications which talk about earlier Jehovah witnesses worshipping Jesus or copies in which WT has referred to Jesus as Jehovah, pls write to me.......

    thankyou and God bless u for the work u r doin

  • TheOldHippie

    Aid was supervised by Swingle, according to CoC.

  • AndersonsInfo

    Swingle was the overseer of Writing, then called Editorial Dept. (which is what it is called once again). He was Ray Franz's overseer. Because of the Franz incident, the other GM members voted to have him transferred out of Editorial to take over Treasury because it was said that he lost control of his "boys" under his watch.

    Karl Adams was manager of the dept. then. Karl was so disliked by the personnel that he was removed as manager and went back to be a writer doing yearbooks. I was told that because of the research work that I had been doing the powers that be were thinking of making a small dept. (under the control of Writing) that would do all the research for the department, instead of each writer doing it for himself. In one weekly writer's meeting, Lloyd suggested Karl Adams for manager, but that didn't happen. One senior writer stood up and said not then, not ever and then every writer in the room said no. Karl was there and saw for himself how despised he was as an overseer. What a let down that must have been. I was sad for him when I heard about it. I worked for Karl for almost three years and knew him to be quite peculiar in many ways but we got along okay. Inasmuch as I wasn't there when he was manager of the department before 1980, I have no idea why everybody disliked him so much and their lips were sealed.

    I have no idea what books Lloyd wrote. I just know from conversation with a senior writer, Lloyd never wrote anything after he edited the Revelation book. I never asked anybody questions like you'll are asking me. What I know came about when conversing with someone who was filling me in on details that had something to do with what I might have been working on at the time.

  • minimus

    Robert Pevey, who was he??? I don't recall the name. Was he well known?

  • AndersonsInfo

    Leonard Smith was a real "heavy." Many writers spoke positively about his work, especially Peloyan. Maybe somehow Harry and Leonard collaborated or maybe Harry just "borrowed" Leonard's work?

    Yes, the Aid book was revised and became Insight I and II. It was revised to remove Ray Franz's fingerprints from throughout the book. If you closely examine both books, you'll find some of the subjects are identical, but for others, more information was added. Also, there are obvious deletions and changes.

    ATTENTION: I'm sorry--I made a mistake. It was too early this morning, 5 A.M., when I was thinking about the reply to the question, "Who Wrote them,?"so I goofed up on one name. I knew the correct answer but my fingers typed the wrong one.

    All Scriptures Inspired was written by David Iannelli not Bob Pevy. I don't know how I could have possibly made that mistake because I admired David more than ever back then after I found out he wrote All Scriptures Inspired.

  • winstonchurchill

    All Scriptures Inspired was written by David Iannelli not Bob Pevy.

    Thanks for the clarification. I knew the person who wrote Revelation, could not be the bright mind behind All Scriptures.

  • blondie

    Robert Pevy?

    *** yb03 p. 172 Philippines ***A number of Gilead graduates arrived during the 1970’s to help with the newly established printing operations. Among them were Robert Pevy and his wife, Patricia, who had previously served in England and Ireland. Robert was helpful in setting up a writing desk at the Philippines branch office. Everyone was sad to see them leave in 1981 to take up service at world headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

  • minimus

    Oh, that Robert Pevy. I wanna say "Pervy".

  • Narkissos

    Fwiw, an abridged version of the Aid book was (finally) being translated into French when I was in Bethel (81-85, i.e. shortly after Ray Franz left and before the Insight project came up), to be released in separate volumes yearly. I did much if not most of the job. We worked on proofs of the English Aid book where sentences, paragraphs or entire pages had been manually deleted, with only a few substitutions and (mostly transitional) additions (all from Brooklyn of course).

    Leonard Smith was (I don't know if he's still alive) a very nice and educated person. He and his team contributed a lot of research but afaik all that he wrote was subject to discretionary "correction" or rewriting by "Brooklyn". He would find out (with certain frustration) what was left of his papers when the English issue was released, and that was the basis for French translation of course... In such cases the Writing dept. usually handed the original French text to the translators (especially for French quotations), and we could appreciate the difference. Raymond Franz told me he knew him quite well (as did another poster whom I miss, Hillary step) and had very open conversations with him the last time he came to France officially (in the late 70s). He apparently had figured out a lot of things but had set clear personal limits he would not overstep, as far as "loyalty" to the organisation was concerned. He was the Branch Committee member who was sent to deal with me when I candidly suggested to ask Brooklyn about what I felt was an impossible statement in a Fred Franz Watchtower article (as I have told before).

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