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  • JustHuman14

    I don't know if anyone else wrote a similar subject, but since I didn't see any post, I have decided to post for this subject. So the KM of April had an article regarding using WT'S logo. It was in the Greek KM. So WT does not allow any Congregations to use outside their Hall the WT logo. Also no body of elders in any Cong should use the logo in their letters. Most impressive is that if any KH that is going to be renovated they must REMOVE the WT logo from the Hall, and if possible all KH that have the logo they must remove it if that will not cost a lot of money...

    So isn't this kind of strange. I recall KH's when I was kid that they were build with the WT logo in the entrance. Why would WT wan't to remove their logo from the KH that actually owns???

    Isn't this strange?Not allowing to have your logo at a building that you actually own??

    I don't know but something fishy comes from this announcement....

  • OnTheWayOut

    Building the logo into a building makes it harder to sell. Just putting words on the wall, it can be removed or painted over, but what church or small business wants a building with a Watchtower built into the hallway or the outside entrance?

    They can also let rumors fly that they don't want local problems connected to the corporation, but that's really part of the "letterhead" issue more than the building. People will connect the building to the corporation anyway.

    This has been discussed here, but needs more exposure for all to see.

  • Gayle

    Maybe they got 'new light' that the Watchtower logo is a pagan symbol, a phallic symbol after all.

  • Tuesday

    It's funny this came just as I made a comment on one of my youtube videos that I don't see the difference between a priest discussing the bible in front of a large cross or an elder discussing the bible in front of a large Watchtower symbol. The JW agreed with me and then wrote back about the "new light" regarding the WT symbol. I wonder if more people brought up that it's rather hypocritical or if it really does boil down to resale value.

  • JustHuman14

    Thanks for your reply. Does anyone recall the older post regarding this issue? Well nice way to make more money!!!

  • Tatiana

    So much "new light" lately the bulb is going to burst!

  • truthsetsonefree

    Very legalistic and corporate. Which is not a bad thing. But then again isn't that what WT is about? Following the dictates of an organized group? Rather than about people and being kind?

  • WTWizard

    I wonder if the apostates that kept pointing out that the Washtowel logo was nothing more than their version of the cross, and they finally were forced to make this policy in response to the apostates.

  • yknot

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