Is being a JW like being a drug addict?

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  • mkr32208

    Ok so once again I was thinking (damn I know I should stop doing that!) and this is what I was thinking about!

    The JW religion is very much like a drug. You put your life on hold you lose interest in important things all for the feeling that everything is alright and that it's going to be ok. You are told over and over that this life isn't REAL that the REAL life is when your with the friends and your high on fellowship and groovin' on Jehovah. You give all your money, all your time, all your passion to this drug that makes you feel so good so superior. Everyone on the outside who's NOT high on watchtower can see that it's a waste can see the damage your doing to yourself your family your life etc. But not you. If they have an intervention and try to talk to you you run away or cover your ears or say 'they are just out to get me!'

    The big difference is that many who abuse drugs lose their families where as when we gave UP the drug we lost our families... Weird! However people on drugs have instant friends. Not real friends of course but an instant social network of dealers and fellow druggies an entire social network with it's own rules and laws (just like JW's) you have instant friends where ever you go. An addict can go to a new city and find the right club and he's an instant hit with those who are partaking of the same drug. A JW can go to the local KH and he's an instant hit with those partaking in the JW drug!

    I don't know, just seems... Weird... Alice in wonderland type stuff when you think about it!

  • journey-on

    Interesting analogy. This makes sense. I've also noticed when my sister attends one of their big assemblies, she comes back really high and full of euphoric enthusiasm, but like any feel-good drug, in a few days it wears off and it's back to the same old same old routine.

  • Chalam

    I agree, good analogy.

    The thing is, drugs are fun for a while but then they take your soul :(

    All the best,


  • snowbird

    MKR, I never thought I would agree with you on anything, but I have to give you your props on this one.

    Very apropo analogy.


  • The Berean
    The Berean

    SPOT ON!

  • AuntBee

    Hi Mkr - There is a book i've read that elaborates on that thought called Toxic Faith by Steve Arterburn; i think he's a counslor or psychologist. It's not anti-religion, just shows the difference between authentic faith that is helpful ,and toxic faith that is damaging. He also has one called More Jesus Less Religion, which looks good too.

  • rebel8

    Yes, similar in some ways.

    I am working on a relapse prevention e-book, actually, and calling it that because of the similarity.

  • WTWizard

    Drug users can think of only their next fix of their drug.

    Witlesses can think of only their next "fix": a boasting session, reading the next washtowel article or Kingdumb Misery, field circus, studying the Not Well Translated version of the Unholy Scriptures using washtowel publications, and praying to Jehovah in the washtowel format.

    Drug users have withdrawal symptoms when they are forced off their drugs.

    Witlesses have withdrawal symptoms, usually in the form of guilt and anxiety, when they are forced to miss a "fix".

    Funny thing, I never got addicted to the "drug"--in fact, in the end it actually made me sick. I was able to quit without too much "withdrawal", and now I am more afraid of being held physically captive and/or being hosted by those cockroach witlesses (preventing me from missing a "fix") than I am of missing a fix.

  • verystupid77

    I totally agree. I have not been to the meetings in seven weeks and the with drawls are horrible, I mean the guilt and self blame. Why? I truly do not know I like not going and really feel better no being there but I have this horrible withdraw feeling. I keep thinking I need another fix. Buy I have not given in. So far so good.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Great obsevation Mkr. If only drug dealers would knock on our doors and offer free pot. They actually used to give it out in the 60's. It was called a token of peace. Hence the word toke.

    Perhaps if the watchtower printed their magzines on compressed weed, their would be a revolution. They'd be smokin their magazines instead of reading them, but too lazy to wake up at 6:00 AM, to do their stoned delivery at your door. At least they'd make more sense, than they do now.

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