JW's caught laughing at Child rapist accusers"

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  • AlwaysBusy
    "Body of Faith"? Is this legit? I've never heard this term used by JWs before.
  • cappytan
    Body of Faith was likely the theme of the talk.
  • runForever
    Black congregations tend to use more gospel talk.
  • little_Socrates
    What I found interesting was "Go star your own religion" then he goes on to describe everything JWs do as if that is the only way to do religion.
  • OzGirl

    The talk and the response of the audience are in contrast to the "public relations" line that the Watchtower spokesman parrots off to the media - "Jehovah's Witnesses abhor child abuse."

    One standard at the Kingdom Hall. One standard for the public eye.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The transcript and audio of this talk were completely disgusting. The speaker, and chuckling audience, were completely delusional. The recording should be sent to law enforcement.

    There should be a wider government investigation into various cults and this recording should be used as evidence. The authorities, despite the chances of individual error, work hard to bring abusers to justice. Generally speaking, they do a good job.

    Why is it the WTS seems to have conveniently forgotten the scripture 'pay Caesar's things back to Caesar'?

    They act like this then have the nerve to attack the Catholic Church for its cover-up.

    It makes my blood boil.

  • Crazyguy
    Send a copy to the attorney of Conti, these attorneys need as much amo of the inner workings of the JW's so the courts and see and hear how the JW's say publicly one thing yet do another.
  • freein2004

    I also wondered if this is legit because of the "Body of faith" talk. I've never heard that either. It certainly sounds like the tone of a dub speaker.

    This needs to be publicized if it is in fact a true dub talk. It is filled with a lot of inaccuracies about how social services works. Things are exaggerated and false.

    While social services does not run a perfect ship they as a whole are not intent on keeping kids away from children. They help parents work their way back to their children. Unfortunately, even sex abusers if "repentant" and work to change are allowed to have their kids back.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    In the Spanish side, the few that even heard about it have dismissed it as just one more satanic plot to smear God's people. Unreal!!!


  • Vidiot

    Ozgirl - "One standard at the Kingdom Hall. One standard for the public eye."

    That fact alone should be enough of a red flag, IMO.

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