JW's caught laughing at Child rapist accusers"

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  • sparrowdown

    I vividly remember a circuit assembly where the speaker was talking about "false" claims against the society and how the elders would go to jail before disclosing any confidential matter to the authorities, and the whole audience erupted into applause. He was talking about abuse claims.

    I was apalled then and I 'm apalled now.

    Theses people are total assholes.

  • bafh

    That quote in the upper left corner: "When we get into things that could ignite a controversy, I'm gonna quote our publications. So you'll have to take it up with God."

    How is it that their representatives - FROM THE GOVERNING BODY - can make a statement like that - IN PUBLIC - and then claim they do not present themselves as inspired by God?? How can you be "God's Channel" except for when you get something wrong, and then, well, you know, "we're just imperfect men," and "the light just get's brighter and brighter..."

    Such a mindf*ck.

  • snare&racket
    Someone send this to the UK charity commission

    The idiot sounds like he's trying to imitate Bill Cosby.


  • flipper
    NEWLY ENLIGHTENED- Thanks for posting this. This speaker in the you tube was just disgusting. So was the robotic mind controlled audience for laughing . At the end the speaker says about apostates revealing child abuse, " we must resist these people with all our might. " And earlier he says, " we have our way of dealing with it " ( child abuse ) . What a freaking moron. I tell you what- the Bible was right in one scripture : " foolishness HAS been put in many high positions ". Message to this speaker : We ex-JW's will NOT shut up, we will NOT remain quiet about the criminal conduct of your crazy , insane organization and WT leaders crimes. Be prepared. We are here. We see. And we will come. We will expose. And we don't need our own church to do so. We have the Internet
  • sparrowdown

    I would urge anyone who is still supporting this dangerous cult to GET OUT, get out now.

    The end is nigh! Pretty soon the court of public opinion will make it's ruling even if the courts are slow to do so.

    Thank you internet­čść


    .JW's caught laughing at Child rapist accusers"



  • Fernando






    is a keeper.



    It sounds genuine to me - I found it strange that he uses the term Body of Faith 3 times.

    I have never heard that expression used by an elder before - maybe its because I am from the U.K and we don't

    really use that phrase ?


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I wish a Governing Body member would give a talk like that and have it recorded and posted on Utube but that is just wishful thinking. The guy is a complete idiot and so is the audience that giggled.

    I'm sure Stephan Lett comments will wind him up in court someday I hope it is soon very very soon.

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