I am back after being gone 3 years! And, an idea to do something good..

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  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    Hello again after lurking for almost 3 years And, some of you may remember this thread I started....


    ....under the name Hidden Questioner (HQ) and I thank all those who helped me during that difficult time in my life.

    There are reasons why I was gone so long and I can get into why later. I am happy to report that, with some professional therapy, I am recovering from many painful issues and, at another time, I will provide further details. I am still attending meetings and doing my 2 hrs a month token service as my wife is in deep and I want to keep my marriage in-tact (for instance, she cannot know I am here). Also, I have a theory that, if in and a rebel, I can do more good in helping others to not make the same huge Borg-induced life-altering mistakes that I have made - nevermind that being a rebel helps me tell the WTB$ where they can go. Needless to say it is good to be back and among friends. (BTW I had to re-registered as Hiding Questioner because I couldn't get Hidden Questioner to work under the re-created version of JWN. I want to thank Simon for keeping this site alive. Even lurking, this site has helped me tremendously for 3 years!)

    What brought me back? It was the thread "Is it really just innocent words". This thread made me think hard about the damage inflicted on many of us to the point where anger has driven us to justifiably come up with these "innocent words". In the thread it was expressed how can this Board help others and it made me realize that there is indeed a huge group on this Board that truely wants both to help others and, at the same time, send messages of hope.

    So, here is an idea. Part of our anger (and mine) is that many have failed to plan for the future and retirement. Further, many have come to the diffi-CULT realization that, no matter how devoted, the WTB$ is not going to give a hoot about us in our old age. So, what about us getting together somehow to form a Not-For-Profit Foundation whose sole purpose is to assist current and ex-JWs who might need a retirement home that they can afford. This would be great positive PR for us and fill a huge void that has been created by the unfulfilled "promise" of the NS.

    As I look around the hall, I am sadden that many are facing old age without any preparation and they need help. I'd volunteer to help with time and money on a program that assists these poor individuals that have been led down this path with no where to turn for help. Perhaps by pooling our resources and their limited assets we could put together something that could help. We have a lot of smart people on this Board. Any thoughts or feelings?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    "a retirement home" as in 1?

    where? we are from all over the globe? considering demographics a huge percentage of the population are baby-boomers. we need a lot of retirement homes

    and do you have any idea how much money is required for just 1 retirement home for say, 1 person for 20 years?

    who becomes the trustee of this money? of the home? what about licencing boards? staffing?

    what if people want to live in their own community but the home is in another state?

    Personally I don't see this as a project that is viable

    sorry to shoot you down so fast though

  • jwfacts

    Welcome back HQ.

    It is a nice idea to provide retirement homes. The finanical aspects would be difficult as there are almost 100,000 leaving every year and only a few thousand joining this board each year. Of those that join, few are in a financial position to fund or drive such a project. Possibly a quicker solution would be to do research into good retirement homes at the most affordable rates in different cities and put the list onto the internet.

  • jws

    "a retirement home" as in 1?

    I think the intent is to help fund the cost of retirement homes and provide other sorts of support for other issues related to spending your entire life at a part-time cleaning job and having to retire.

    Ex-JWs only? Active JW seniors who expected the new system to be here before they reached 30?

  • rebel8

    I hope you have a mechanism to ensure you don't influence the unsuspecting public when you do your token service.

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    Rebel8: Good question regarding "Token Service". The logic and "mechanism" I have is this:

    First, most turn me (us) away. IF the householder seems willing to talk I do the following:

    1) Don't place literature. Just mention the public talk program.

    2) Make sure I maintain control of the return visit contact so I can "assist" if interest is displayed. If and when necessary I can aways make sure individuals are given all the truth about "The Truth TM ".

    Beyond the selfish motive of keeping peace with wife, family and friends, my reason for going out is; if my "service" can somehow replace or cancel out another Dub's attempts to unkowningly do Cultish harm then my "saving" efforts have done some good while again sending a message to the WBT$ that they really don't have full control over all our minds. I hope this makes sense.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Token service is rather easy:

    "Hi, we are Jehovah's Witnesses. We would like to tell you about Gods plan to choose the Jehovah's Witnesses as his only true religion at the turn of the century and preach the good news of Gods kingdom as well as the nearness of Armageddeon. Would you be interested in a Bible Study to learn more?"

  • parakeet

    ..... a Not-For-Profit Foundation whose sole purpose is to assist current and ex-JWs .....

    I don't really see current and exJws living peaceably in the same residence. Your idea is a generous gesture though.

    Before dismissing it, I would suggest you do more research about how this could be done. Perhaps you could accomplish this project on a local level in your area. You would require start-up capital (if you can find a wealthy sponsor who's sympathetic about cults and the damage they do. I'm not sure what banks or other lending agencies would require for a loan of this type.). The physical facility, medical staffing, supplies and equipment, insurance, and a score of other considerations would need to be addressed.

    If your Not-for-Profit Foundation is designed to help current and exJWs pay for nursing home care in already existing facilities, that might be more feasible. But you still need to research the idea and its practical ramifications.

    Do the research and come back with specifics. If it sounds like a going concern, I would be happy to contribute.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    There is no way you will ever get me to fund the lifestyle of a current Jehovah's Witness.

    They chose their path in spite of being told many times, at the doors, of the errors of their ways.

    Let them pray.

  • Chalam


    Welcome again! Wow that is a lot of lurking ;) But I understand your predicament. If you are caught the game is up its curtains. The WT have you in fear and in their grip.

    I pray that Jesus sets you free. That would take some steps of faith though and it may not be for you. Once again it is red or blue pill time Redpill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I say take the red pill, become freed by The One, born again al la Morpheus, and a member of Zion. Otherwise just stay in "blissful ignorance" and carry on as normal in The Matrix

    All the best,


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