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  • callitquits76

    First of all let me say hi, ex witness of 19/20 years here - left the borg about 6 or 7 years ago now.

    Just when I think that I am away from them for good, there is some knock on the door, a familiar face, or something in the media which brings it all back. How I would love to just let it go and live life to the full without remembering what I went through with the Witnesses.

    Just last week it came back to me again, a knock on the door and I was caught totally offguard. I made my excuses and basically closed the door in their face but after I lamented on how I should have fought my corner, like I used to when I phased myself out. Oh, the discussions I used to have... I remember discussing with a MS my concerns and hitting him for 6 with scripture after scripture, and this went on for some time with various people but all of a sudden nothing else was said and I was completely cast out (but not disfellowshipped, merely, 'shunned')

    6 years on and I still feel a sense of immense anger; anger at all the times I should have stuck up for myself, anger at all the times my family was torn apart due to one side of it being Witnesses and the other side not, anger at sitting at the KH like a dead lemon (no, actually the lemon had more charisma), anger at all the assemblies and conventions, anger of missing my teenage years and becoming sexually inept.... just so angry. I know there are many good witnesses with good hearts yet I feel as though I hate every one of them. I drove past them a few weeks ago whilst they had the householder in 'suspense' and I shouted an aggresive 'THEY PROTECT PEDOPHILES'

    So, what I am tying to find out is, does anybody else here get really ANGRY?

  • cameo-d


    What makes me angry is the "caught off guard" aspect.

    It is a BULLY tactic.

    It is rude and inconsiderate.

    It is also very deliberate.

  • megaflower

    YES, YES, and YES. Sometimes I think Iam in a terminal stage of always being PISSED OFF!!! I feel like they stole 20 years from me and most of those years in the cult where bad. It was always not good enough, kids not good enough. All in all, not measuring up. I would like to tell them all to piss off.

  • steve2

    Hi callitquits76, you're at the right site to share and read about these sorts of experiences. People experience a wide range of things as they try to adjust to life outside of the organization. Hopefully, on this site you'll meet people who can absolutely identify with your experience, who won't judge you and will offer you a listening ear and/or some helpful suggestions.

  • OnTheWayOut

    There is no complete answer to totally putting it behind you.
    You would have to move to a totally isolated place from them- maybe a muslim country if not a tent in the woods.
    You don't need to feel bad about not arguing with them. You have been there, done that. It just might get your
    blood pressure up and accomplish little else.

    You can put a "No JW's" or "No Preaching" sign on the door. The sign would trigger thoughts, though. If my wife were
    out, I would put up a sign.

  • outofservice

    Yes ,you are defiantly not alone Anger is a very strong emotion I think most of us feel after being lied to for some many years. And when we think of how it has effected our daily life. My husband would get very angry when they would contact him after we faded, they would basically call him a murderer of his family. They really have a holier than thou attitude, but the skeletons they have in there closet make it laughable. You have certainly found a good place to vent and have understanding friends.

    Wishing you happiness


  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Hi Calli,

    I understand your feelings, really. I spent with JW last 18 years, past 6 Iam fading out (step by step, becouse of my wife and son). What a waste of time .... few months ago my father in law (JW) have died, because his family refused blood transfusion. The doctors have offered some treatment, but becouse mother in law was not sure if fractions yes or no, or what kind yes ... she better refused any treatment, so he have died... They have asked help from Hospital Liason Committee, but they refused to get involved...

    What a terrible cult, but the life is what is ahead of us! Keep this in mind! We wasted some time, but we are free now, and that is the main point!


    (Sorry for possible mistakes, but English is not my native language)

  • garybuss

    " . . . does anybody else here get really ANGRY?"
    I might get angry if I could stop laughing. Jehovah's Witnesses are hilarious. I'd rather watch a Witness spin around the stupid tree than go to a movie.The seven trumpets of Revelation were the seven Jehovah's Witness District assemblies from 1922 to 1928, starting with Cedar Point, Ohio and ending with Detroit, Michigan . . . Hahahahahaha!!!!

    How could I get mad when somebody comes at me with Cedar Point Ohio out of the Bible??? Hahahaha!!!!

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome ! Callitquits...

    Yes, it has been some years since I extricated myself, still technically just"inactive" but opposite in heart..I keep it under wraps for the sake of a family life, but anger has its place and is well deserved

  • greenhornet

    I drive by a local church, and there sign say "those you anger you still control you"

    Welcome to JWD

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