Who is the Green Man?

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    More importantly, who is the Green Woman?

    In all seriousness, I've done artwork of melds between humans and flora. I just mean it to portray harmony with nature, nothing more.

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    Where can i find this green woman?


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    The Green Man stands at the gateway of the great divide between the kingdoms of animals and plants, and the alluring world of materiality.

    Like Janus, the two-faced Roman god of doorways, he guards this gate and looks both ways at once.

    To a young, developing, descending soul he holds the key to materiality: treasures, power, luxury, magic, and the illusory paradise sought by so many.

    In this role he looks like a god but is really a demon, for of course the material zone is the realm of Satan.

    Though they may seem to us to live their lives in slow motion, plants in their own instincts are ruthlessly fierce and aggressively competitive; they have to be in order to survive the pitiless cut-and-thrust of their natural world.

    But when looked at from a broader perspective plants may seem peaceful and patient, and these seemingly contradictory qualities epitomise the lives of people who by their birth and ancestry are aligned with the plant kingdom.

    They even tend to treat each other as though they were real plants, sometimes pruning and lopping those whom they wish to curtail.

    Like the Green Man who has no female counterpart they tend to exalt the masculine and subdue or conceal the feminine element amongst themselves.


    The forest clearing becomes a violent battleground in which every plant struggles to the death: in plant terms, to find its own place in a newly established community; in human terms, to kill or be killed.

    Plant people" in their religious beliefs, perhaps by way of the guidance of their religious leaders, are aware of the satanic nature of the material life forces, and though seemingly fascinated by the thought of the wealth and luxury to be found ....


    ....Later still, the body of a religion reaches its "plant level"—the emotionally fierce and fanatical level during

    which its adherents are easily roused to anger and aggression, even going so far as to believe that this arrogant

    plant nature is the true nature of their religion.

    During this stage of decline religious people may think nothing of oppressing or even killing others in the name

    of their religion, and are liable to stage holy wars to spread their roots and tendrils ever wider.

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    There's a green man in the Eye of the World book by Robert Jordan too!

  • cameo-d

    The Green Man is the Faithful and Deceitful Slave of the Divine Mother.

    Here, the great mother goddess is in her persona of the clever liar.

    Does she transfer her words to the tongue of the slave in order that he may speak on her behalf to mislead humans?

    The Hindu goddess, Bagalamukhi revels in suffering and incites men to torture one another.

    She is the mother of the power of speech.

    Does she use her powers to freeze, stun and paralyze her victims through words?

    Most of the Green Man icons, it has been noted, do have a relationship to speech. They are most always depicted as spewing forth vegetation from their mouths.

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    This is the same pic I tried to post above. I inserted this one differently so maybe it will stay posted.

    The goddess Bagalamukhi is known to paralyze the speech and feet of those she posesses.

    She also pulls their tongue and destroys their intellect.

    Apparently, she controls the Green Man as well.

    Perhaps he is her puppet; could he be the FDS?

    Is the Green Man her agent?

    Does he represent a religious agenda?

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    The Celtic/Druid Green Man

    Etymological research by the University of Wales into the meaning of the names of Celtic gods and goddesses shows that one Celtic deity, Viridios, has a name meaning "Green Man" in both the Celtic languages and Latin.

    The Green Man is an ancient symbol of nature. A legendary pagan deity who roams the woodlands of the British Isles and Europe. He usually is depicted as a horned man peering out of a mask of foliage, usually the sacred oak. He is known by other names such as "Green Jack, "Jack-in-the-Green" and "Green George." He represents spirits of trees, plants and foliage. It is believed he has rain making powers to foster livestock with lush meadows. He was frequently depicted in medieval art, including church decorations.

    Green George, as he is usually called in spring Pagan rites, is represented by a young man dressed head to foot in greenery, who leads the festival procession. In various festivals, Green George, or an effigy of him, is dunked in a river or pond to ensure that there will be enough rain to make the meadows and pastures green. It is also believed by some the Green Man shares an affinity with the forest-dwelling fairies since green is the fairy color. In some locals of the British Isles the fairies are called "Greenies" and "Greencoaties." In the myth of "The Fairy Children," there appears two fairy children, a brother and a sister, who have green skin and claim to be of a race with green ski.

    Parallels have been drawn between the Green Man and various deities. Many see the Green Man as being connected to many gods such as Osiris, Odin and even the Christian Jesus, as well as later folkloric and literary characters such as the Green Knight, John Barleycorn, the Holly King and Tammuz of the Mesopotamians who is thought by some to symbolize the triumph of Green Life over Winter and Death. [ 7 ]

    In Thomas Nashe's masque Summer's Last Will and Testament (1592, printed 1600), the character commenting upon the action remarks, after the exit of "Satyrs and wood-Nymphs", "The rest of the green men have reasonable voices…". Mythical figures such as Woden , Cernunnos, Sylvanus , Derg Corra , Green George , Jack in the green, John Barleycorn, Robin Goodfellow , Puck, and the Green Knight all partake of the Green Man's nature; it has also been suggested that the story of Robin Hood was born of the Green Man mythology. A more modern embodiment is found in Peter Pan, who enters the civilized world from a nether land, clothed in green leaves. Even Father Christmas, who was often shown wreathed in ivy in early depictions, has been suggested as a similar woodland spirit [ 8 ] .

    The Green Knight of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight serves as both monster and mentor to Sir Gawain, belonging to a pre-Christian world which seems antagonistic to, but is in the end harmonious with, the Christian one.

    In the Germanic nations such as Germany, Iceland and England, depictions of the Green Man could have been inspired by deities such as Freyr or Woden , as both have many attributes of the later Green Men from throughout Europe.

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    And the rabbit hole goes deeper, still.

    The Tibetan monks/adepts of Agarthi in Germany were known as the Society of Green Men. It's foremost adept was known as the Monk of the Green Gloves/Hands [2], who was renowned for his clairvoyant abilities and had mastered prophecy. Hitler had audiences with him.

    The Society of the Green Men were apparently in astral contact with the Green Dragon Society, and had been for several centuries. The Green Dragon Society sent seven members to aid the Society of Green Men in Germany. The Green Men were to help further the Nazi cause and the projected mutation that would turn the Aryans into God-Men. The activities of the Green Men were under heavy Nazi security.


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    The Green Man is me!

    Green Man

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    Aussie Oz

    This is proof that 'the mask' was real! Jim carey is an ancient egyptian prince!

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