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  • coffee_black

    I have posted the beginning of this story a while back. My 14 year old grandson founded Helping Step by Step to call attention to the plight of homeless children in this country. He will walk from Orlando Fl to Washington DC this summer, living as close as possible to how a homeless child lives. He will be stopping at shelters along the way, talking with homeless children and bringing their voices to Washington DC.

    His website is now up... more to follow it's www.HelpingStepbyStep.com

    Please visit the website... and read about this remarkable cause. There is a map with the route he will take. There is also a bio tab with David's story and background as well as pics of him. I am soooooo proud of him!!!


  • jakes

    That is excellent coffee. Good on your grandson!


  • outofservice

    What a great kid. We all want to do something to help others. But a lot of us never get to make a difference. He is on the right track to achieve great things in his life.Its so wonderful he has the freedom to do this.


  • coffee_black

    Its so wonderful he has the freedom to do this.

    I agree 100%. His elder jw grandfather is not happy about this... tried really hard to convince my daughter (David's mom) that this can't be done.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear coffee_black:

    What a wonderful hands-on endeavor your g'son is undertaking! As a People to People World Leadership Ambassador, David can effect actual results, benefiting countless people. Ironic that Dwight Eisenhower, founder of that organization, was raised as a Jehovah's Witness (his mother was one of the anointed) but saw fit to take a pass on the future blessings of the kingdom and use political and social programs to get things done.

    A few years back I would have sided with David's JW grandfather's viewpoint. Now I applaud David's idealism-turned-to-action and sigh over his grandfather's delusion that no good can be accomplished in this wicked system.

    Please tell David that he's made my day and strenghtened my resolve to support my local charities! [you will have a PM shortly]


  • coffee_black
  • purplesofa

    Does your grandson have a MySpace page?


  • coffee_black

    Hi Purps... I think he does, but he's on facebook, as am I... I don't think he uses the myspace account as much as facebook.


  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Wow! What a good kid. You must be vary proud.

  • Dagney

    That is just awesome!!! Good on him!

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