Hasta la Vista,.. I'm outta here

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  • insidetheKH

    the time has come to leave this forum. This is my last post. Mission completed

  • wannaexit

    Glad you are at the point of moving on and leaving everything watchtower behind.

    Good Luck

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    What was your mission? I asked you once but you said it was personal.
  • OnTheWayOut
    I think the mission was to further his worship of jw.org and the Watchtower.
  • _Morpheus
    Sigh... If only.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    you'll be back. Richard Pryor comedy dialogue on when he was

    hooked on drugs. He said the pipe would call him, smoke me you

    will feel better, you don't need no one but me, they don't understand

    I understand, I'm your friend. LOL

    But if you are at the point to move on, that's great.

    Glad your mission is completed. Most of us here are open to discussion and change.

    We gave up being on a mission after our disappointment with the watchtower Society.

    All the best. Hope Scottie beams you up to the mother-ship.

  • Magnum

    Are you delusional? Do you think that you, an inexperienced, wet-behind-the ears JW, had some kind of mission - and that you accomplished it? I believe, judging from what you've indicated on this site, that you haven't been around JWdom long.

    Do you know the full history of JWdom? Are you aware of all the false predictions? Are you aware that young JWs were told in the 1960's that they wouldn't grow old and maybe wouldn't even finish school in this system? Are you aware that my father was told that I would never drive (that is, reach 16 yrs old) in this system and that I've been driving for four decades? Were you around for all the 1975 hype? Are you aware that JWs said that millions living in the early part of the 20th century would never die and that that's been 100 years? Were you around when JWdom seemed more scholarly, bold, confident, & dignified? Have you observed the change to what it is now? Were you around to read the pro-UN magazine articles in the 90's and scratch your head wondering what the hell the org was producing articles like that for, only to find out later about its UN affiliation?

    Are you aware that the org is now scared of questions and discussions? Are you aware that most JWs do not know the organization's real history and cannot explain its current teachings and know very little about the Bible? Are you aware that the quality of the average individual JW (intelligence, knowledge, emotional & social stability, etc.) is declining? Are you aware that the org very deceptively used quotes in the Trinity brochure and Creation book? Have you read Crisis of Conscience?

    I was a 100% JW for a lot of years. I lived it. JWdom today is not the JWdom of yesterday (even with all its faults). I gave up everything and suffered and slaved for JWdom. It took, took, took from me, and did not live up to its end of the deal. I wasted countless thousands of hours on boring, worthless meetings that I was embarrassed to take newly interested persons to. I wasted countless thousands of hours in a waste-of-time "ministry".

    I don't dislike you, but I find it irritating to read some of the stuff you write since you're so inexperienced. I was in the trenches a long time. You're still in basic training. I wish you well and would love to know how you feel in a few years, so please drop back by and let us know how things are going.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    So sad to see you go away without learning anything which could open your eyes to what the cyb-ORG is really about.

    Even an uber-Witness from my previous congregation told me on the 'phone last night, that the Org's priority is not preaching the good news, it's to amass wealth & property!

    2015 is likely going to hammer home a lot of unpleasant truths to fellow Witnesses like yourself; be prepared to pay for your "masters'" sins!


    the time has come to leave this forum. This is my last post. Mission completed.....insidetheKH

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