Hasta la Vista,.. I'm outta here

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  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Your mission? Was your mission to see if you could join a website solely dedicated to disseminating information that would bring to light JW issues, most of which are unknown by the rank and file, and to NOT become critical of the ORG you love and respect? If so, congratulations. My issue with that is....why would you have joined if not because DEEP DOWN INSIDE you have issues with the ORG? If you did not then you would have never joined the group, you would have simply lurked. But, you didn't. It appears that you became so enamored with the group that you even chose a specific emblem to identify you as distinct and special amid all these nobodies like me. Mission? I think your mission was accomplished and now your eyes are open, the scales have fallen from your eyes and you are awake to the reality of this ORG and your place in it....which is exactly what?

  • redvip2000
    20 hours ago

    the time has come to leave this forum. This is my last post. Mission completed

    At least you enjoyed some solid months of open discussion without fear of shunning. Now it's time to crawl back to the mental prison.

  • kairos

    You are always welcome to message me.

    Do not return or stay in the Watchtower church.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    "Hasta la vista" carries the meaning of "see you later" rather than goodbye...is that what you meant ITKH?
  • pixel
    Hopefully this "good bye" is not a joke.
  • jw07

    *walks up to platform*

    "insidetheKH is no longer an ex-jw."

    *leaves the door to speculation open*

  • Question_Mans_interpretation

    I too must question your motives for even being here in the first place. Looking back to some of your posts you claim to only post on certain topics and avoid anything to do with doctrinal issues but considering that alot of the same members post widely across all topics you are still taking part and being exposed to many doctrinal comments, evidences and opinions that the society would hold as apostate, things that regular jehovah's witnesses are instructed/counseled to stay away from and could even be punished for being a part of. It makes me feel that either,

    1. You must be hiding your involvement with this site from your elders or...

    2. You are part of the elite, elders or some other position that would exempt you from any disciplining action for being involved here.

    #1 displays you do not have true Christian freedom and #2 makes u a hypocrite

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree with you QMi.

    Another thought was that ITHK, who appeared cut and dried and emotionally neutral, resembled a robot attempting to pass the Turing test for artificial intelligence.

  • Splash

    Practise that fake smile, you know, the one you wear when you say how good it is to receive a new talk assignment, or how good it is to be on the ministry this morning even though it's damp and cold, you're not very well and any non-judged, sensible person would have stayed at home for the sake of their health.

    Enjoy your meetings where you're dog tired from working all day/week and you've either heard the same thing 1000 times before, or you've just had a long term teaching reversed - one you've defended vigorously on the ministry, proving it from the scriptures.

    Enjoy the guilt of looking at your field service report at the end of the month, wondering how comes you did so little and hoping no-one will say anything to you about it. Or the guilt of sitting in the Hall with a non-underlined WT, or the guilt of placing magazines you haven't read yourself, or the guilt of missing Family Worship and being asked how your family does it, or the guilt of not yet watching the latest GB member on jw TV and finding yourself in a conversation about how good they are...

    Enjoy that moment of horror and panic when an elder asks you into the back room, only to tell you that you they would love to hear you answering up more frequently, and can they make an appointment for shepherding?

    Enjoy that feeling, knowing that if you hadn't been brought up in the Truth, if someone came to your door with this incomprehensible message of overlapping generations, you would have easily seen it for what it is and stayed well clear, but now you're hopelessly committed.

    Love the fact that your children won't be allowed to make anything of themselves, and like you, your parents and your grand parents, they will go through their entire lives believing the end is "soon", eventually realising far too late that they were duped, and will die in this system along with everyone else.

    Indeed. Mission Accomplished.

  • Splash
    And don't even start me on the endless begging letters from a multi billion dollar corporation!

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