Has anybody been guilted/emotionally blackmailed into attending the 2015 Memorial?

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  • HeyThere
    I am facing the guilt tripping now, but I am not going.
  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    I wouldn't go even if I was given the guilt trip. There's no way I'm giving them more numbers to their precious statistics on memorial attendance. I do not support the bragging rights
  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I never get invited. They know me. They know I was never baptised. They pretend they are my friends. They call in to say hello while doing the invite drop-off, but don't give me one.
  • lurkernomore

    So far nothing. The elders have been unusually quiet for us since our abrupt exit. My mother knows I don't think it's the truth and she hasn't tried to preach at me since!

    Here's hoping it continues lol

  • kairos

    I received very little "encouragement" to attend last year.
    So far, nothing this year.

    I will not attend any meetings at the KH again.

  • undercover

    Some years I've gone, some I haven't. I don't even know when it is this year. Suppose I'll find out the week of, when well-meaning, but clueless JW family invite me.

    As much as I'm forever out of their control, I really don't have a problem with going to the memorial, if it makes elderly parents happy. It's one hour a year. Big deal. No different than a name only Catholic showing up for xmas mass once a year. I don't like going to cheap cafeteria style restaurants either, but the old folks like it, so that's where I take em to eat. Their time is limited. Let em enjoy it, even if it isn't my thing.

    Some comments mention that 'once-a-year' attendees are looked down on by the rest of the JWs. That doesn't bother me a bit. I'm already looked down on. My being there or not being there isn't going to change that. If I decide to go, I wear my independence from their control on my sleeve. No tie, no suit jacket, beard in place. Be confident, don't shirk from talking to anyone, let em know that being away from religious fanaticism has done you well.

  • neverendingjourney

    I have family visiting this weekend. They'll likely mention it.

    I live over an hour away, so I can always use the "I'll attend at the local congregation" excuse. That might be enough to satisfy them.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I wasn't invited last year and likely won't be invited this year. My neighbor told me that the last time the JWs were in our neighborhood they didn't go to my door. I'm good with that! I wouldn't go if they paid me buckets o' money!

    Now here's a Full Moon Party for ya:

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