Has anybody been guilted/emotionally blackmailed into attending the 2015 Memorial?

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  • Bucholz

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anyone has been guilted or emotionally blackmailed into attending the memorial this year. Something along the lines of "if you loved your family you would at least attend the memorial". I myself haven't attended in 5 years. My mother used to pressure me to do so in the past but she doesn't anymore. Will you be attending this year just tk to please family / ftiends?

  • carla
    Does attending once a year provide some sort of jah protection or what? Or does it just make mom feel better?
  • Bucholz

    I guess in her reasoning it does lol. Maybe Jah will spare our lives in Armageddon if we attend (that sounds insane I know)

  • blondie

    If you only go to the memorial, is there some special status you receive from on high? My family always called those people submarine witnesses, they only surfaced once a year. My grandmother was one.

    If you only showed up once a year at your job, would you get paid?

    I find they nag you more to go....so 5 years of not going down the drain.

    If you went to some other congregation's memorial, would they still love you?

    During a brief period of inactive status, I went and I got nagged more. The last time, the last time I just dropped everything, meetings, assemblies, conventions, special talks, and of course the memorial.

    They hope that when you meet old friends, family, and hear the talk designed for the anointed, that you will come back.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    No. They always hope that the memorial, which is the closest thing to a mystical/spiritual experience for JW's, will touch your heart and motivate you to become "active" again. haven't been to one in 10 years. Would rather have my fingernails torn out.
  • Crazyguy
    These scum bags killed thousands of people with their teachings concerning blood, organ transplants and vaccines. Tell them that and then say no your not going your going to wait on Jehovah to clear up the matter.
  • Bucholz
    Thanks for the replies guys. Now, just to clear things up, I have absolutely no intention or interest in attending the Memorial. I was just wondering if someone else did.
  • stuckinarut2

    Lets be honest people!

    We all know how those "once a year attenders" are viewed in the witness world! They are lower than pondscum.

    I have heard so many negative comments over the years like: "If they REALLY loved Jehovah they would come to every meeting"

    or: "whats the point of them coming just once a year?!"

    So, save yourselves the hassles....don't be fake and go once a year. The witnesses don't really want you there anyway, so you would be just putting on a show for people who actually don't care!

  • WTWizard
    They haven't been at me to attend this wastefest in a few years. What I am looking for is for them to more than guilt or blackmail me into going to the REJECT Astaroth party (and Israel afterward). More like a court order, or being physically forced, without any warning. All it takes is for the alpha draconians to get tired of waiting, and start acting, and they will get the ball going abruptly. Then it goes from nothing to being forced back, all within a few seconds and all unexpectedly (aside that I know to expect it at any time while Saturn is within Sagittarius).
  • Bucholz
    Lol, Ive always liked your posts WTWizard. When I was still in I used to use some of your trademarked vocabulary: boasting sessions, field circus, hounders etc. Keep it up!

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