2008 WT Library Question (1st JWN posting too!)

by yknot 31 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • VM44

    The 2007 WT Library CD contents in compressed form is only 32.3 Megabytes!

    I would think the contents of a CD would be much larger, even if compressed.

  • SaltaDoom

    If there someone have the English WT-LIB 2008, load it up or send me a link, or post it here please. Thank you very mutch.

  • Morgana

    Yes, an English WT-LIB 2008 would be much appreciated!

    So far, I found these Torrent links which might perhaps be of interest to someone:

    Watchtower Library 2008 Suomi - Finnish Version:

    Watchtower Library 2007 - iSilo format (i.e., for mobile devices):

  • rocky

    I like the english version as well....
    But so far THANX ALL OFF YOU... es our DUTCH friends here for
    link for library of Dutch version and giving 2 links to dutch ex-JW's board(s)!!

    THANX and hope the english one comes soon as well....

  • rocky

    Thanks to a wonderful member here I can post his link for it now (he agreed to make his link known by me);
    All credits go to him who made the link and let us share it ....

    it is a gi file you can use Isobuster to open en extract it... maybe other programs are also usefull to extract it to your HD.


  • rocky

    OK here is a new link for Italian version 2008:


    I hope in near future a new item in forum will be openend:

    Watchtower library in different languages so to go there to look if someone post a topic in the language you want to get....
    then maybe more languages will become available for different users in the countries that visit this site..
    So more users can post a version to set it available for other users... everybody will be glad then only the Watchtower organisation will not be pleased I think.....!!!


  • rocky

    To get English 2008 version you also can use the next link (a rar file: open with winrar):



  • Morgana

    Thanks Rocky for the English WT Library!

    I have first opened the gi file in Isobuster, converted it from there to ISO, then mounted the ISO in Deamon tools and installed it. It all went fine and smoothly, put at first I was a bit puzzled by the rather unusual gi format (it is smaller than ISO, though).

  • gem123

    Pls, have anybody link to Hungarian or Czech version ?

  • fokyc

    Interesting postings, I am bemused! The WT Library 2007 was made available by me last year in the .gi format and 500 people downloaded it.

    Since making the 2008 version available earlier this year, 2472 people have downloaded it.

    The link is given above, to Box net with no hassle, no advertisements.

    WHY do people still prefer rar and torrent?


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