2008 WT Library Question (1st JWN posting too!)

by yknot 31 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • yknot

    Not a problem......

    You will have to have both an unziping program (I like Alzip) and WinRar......both are free at cnet.com

    Sorry I forgot to mention them earlier........

    Alzip.... http://www.download.com/ALZip/3000-2250_4-10326198.html?tag=mncol

    WinRar.... http://www.download.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html?tag=mncol

  • bereanbiblestudent

    Foreign language cd-roms will be out earlier because the windows mobile 2003 adaption for pda and palm are only available in the English version for now.

  • yknot

    Thanks for the input BereanBibleStudent!

    I wonder how long until the CD is obsolete.....all required to dl zip files from jw.org?

  • rocky

    Foreign languages coming first??

    I like them (foreign languages) as well esp. Dutch because I am DF and so I cannot order it in the KH....
    So if some of you can load it up the 2008 version when you have it.... it would be great surprise if so..

    If necesarry I can help you with the financial part of getting it... for the DUTCH2008 version!!!
    So I can pay a little for it if needed... if you give it rather for free no problem at all ... I like just to get it...
    If you do not want to post it here the link... you can mail it to me pls.. [email protected]

    Thanks so much for helping if you do..


  • shopaholic


    You didn't ruin the topic...your question was very helpful as others, like myself, wanted to know the same.


    Thanks for the links and explaining how open the file!

  • processor

    I already have German WTLIB 2008. IMHO it's exactly the version as 2007, only with the new publications included and purple instead of blue startup screen.

  • rocky

    Also the German version of 2008 is welcome for me... I understand it reasonable... almost as good as english is for me..

    If you have a foreign language 2008 watchtower library pls. load it up and send me a link or post it here please... esp. DUCTH would be great...

    [email protected]


  • rocky

    Thanx Processor for the German 2008 version ....!! Also somone named Carlos is happy with this new release..
    I already had the 2006 German version but this one is new... I had nothing to see what the meetings would look like because Our KM is not given to me as a DF person...

    I wonder how to edit or delete a post here in the new look of this website ... only can post something new it looks??
    Now I do still not know if I will go to another religion or try to go back to JW's ...
    If i try to go back I know I will have it difficult... in the past I alr. had some demonattacts.... if I try to return I surly will get some
    problems... it is also painfull and degrading for my feelings... my family tries to convert me to their religion...

    Their Jesus speeks to them and helps them with healht, job(s), money and love as well... in JW thinking it is all from the devil...
    or maybe they are from the devil??? Sometimes it is hard to see things correct and make a good choice..


  • rocky

    I found some links of the Polish edition 2008!

    Here they are:

    In it is an image which you can burn or unpack with a proggy like poweriso

  • JimmyPage

    I heard for 2008 they're going old school:

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