Why did there have to be a TEST???

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  • Quirky1

    Eat shrooms then you will be able to understand.

  • nomoreguilt

    White Dove...Shamus...

    Thank you both and all others for the response.It was exactly my line of reasoning and very well spoken.

    If you can believe the fairy tales of any other culture and dismiss them as such, TALES, then the answer to the question of believing the bible is a moot point, isn't it?? Tales to entice one into believing them to be truths.

    I have found through out the years that when reality hits to close to home many people have a NEED to be consoled by the unexplainable yet highly doubtable teachings and writings of men. I believe more in the BIG BAD WOLF, which one can see in the wilds, than I do a god who I have never seen. Let alone believe that such a god could destroy BILLIONS of innocents at his whim.


  • shopaholic

    I always thought the test to be a setup.

    Farkel, read that other thread. You know I never thought about the fact that Adam and Eve didn't know the difference between good and bad so how did they know that eating it was an act of disobedience. Granted they were told they would die but no one ever told them that it was disobedience was a bad thing. And since they were supposedly the first humans they probably could not conceptualize human death.

  • oompa
    nomoreguilt: Did all of the animals in the garden have the gift of speach? And why wasn't Eve surprised that the serpent could speak?

    I actually heard a CO give a good possible explanation for this question, even though we aren't supposed to speculate. 1. none of the animals there talked. 2. CO said what if Eve was in the area of the tree and sees a big snake go over, then to her suprise the snake goes up the tree and she watched as the snake eats some of the fruit...and THEN he starts talking as if the fruit gave him that ability

    but why the hey if there was a tree of life in the garden did they not book on over there and eat some!....no...they go off and hide....idiots.....oompa

  • shopaholic
    the snake goes up the tree and she watched as the snake eats some of the fruit...and THEN he starts talking as if the fruit gave him that ability

    Then wouldn't Satan have died some time ago or just the snake?

  • jaguarbass

    What I am getting at is this......With all the twists and turns of the bible that are supposed to be the basis for a world wide belief system, why are people in this enlightened world of ours still holding on to this nonsense?

    People are trying to make sense of life, The bible is held out as a book of answers and a way to make sense out of life.

    You dont know it doesnt make sense until you consider it, read it, reflect on it.

    Some people read it looking for loop holes.

  • WTWizard

    Basically, it is just Jehovah Baghead Tyrant that wants to maintain a stagnating grip on mankind. He wants to tell people what to do and how, without having anyone breaking out of The Track that He was setting up for them. At first, it was just the tree and its fruit (which was set up to be as attractive as possible). Had they passed that, Jehovah Scumbag would have probably done what every other dictator has done, to an even worse degree--and started making progressively more oppressive rules. The whole existence of mankind would have been stagnant.

    If there was going to be a test, Jehovah could have made the tree look unappealing. It would be like a test that I can listen to any kind of music except Kingdumb Maladies. Because then, one would have had to have been bent on doing bad to have eaten off that tree. But, Jehovah had to make the test one that would have born an opportunity cost. Which is the beginning of what all tyrants do--their first rules are usually not that oppressive, but they get rapidly worse from there.

    Enter Satan. This much maligned being only tried to liberate man from this future tyranny. So that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag, the sore Loser He is, went off and tried to recapture the pair and punish them for wanting to be free (sounds like what happens to anyone trying to leave a country where a dictatorship has assumed control?). Ever since, Jehovah has been consistent in blaming Satan (and human imperfection) for the troubles that His tyrannical control is actually to blame for.


  • kurtbethel

    It helps to realize that the story is figurative, and illustrates antitypes for classes of people who now exist. There is the Adam class, which today would be the billions of people who go about their life trying to get by. Then there is the Serpent class, who usually end up running things and advertize how wonderful their products are, or how fortunate the Adam class is to have the take care of things for them. The Serpent class thinks that members of the Adam class are ignorant rubes, sheep that deserve to be fleeced. The Adam class are sometimes in awe of the Serpent class, while at the same time distrustful because of the nagging feeling that all is not well and the Serpent class might not have their best interests at heart.

    The Serpent class is prominent in politics, business and religions. The Adam class does most of the heavy lifting.

  • hamsterbait


    There is eyewitless testimony in the book of "Acts of Jehovah's Witnesses in Modern Times" also known as the 1967 Yearbook.

    Read the thread on it.

    Santa is bringing me my very own demonized talking snake to play with.

    I can't hardly wait.


  • hamsterbait

    Why did humans invent the words "let bygones be bygones" -

    Was it because we know that sometimes it is better to just move on and forget about what happened??

    The God of the Jews is so petulant that we are expected to believe that he is just waiting to kill us in revenge for a naked lady eating a piece of fruit six thousand years ago.

    Basically he is MAD MAD MAD at us, so we better find a way of getting a smile back on his invisible face.

    As David Hume points out, not only does this god bear grudges for millennia, he also exhibits other qualities in spades, such that if any human displayed them he would be universally DESPISED.

    As I said elsewhere, if your spouse were constantly testing your love by making things difficult, or playing guessing games where you are toast if you get the wrong answer, how long would it be before you got a divorce?


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