Why did there have to be a TEST???

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  • nomoreguilt

    So, god created Adam and Eve. hmmm He also created Satan. hmmmm He placed the pair in the garden, and said that they MUST NOT eat of a certain tree. WHY? He knew that satan was a rebel did he not? And why did satan appear as a serpent? Speaking one at that. Did all of the animals in the garden have the gift of speach? And why wasn't Eve surprised that the serpent could speak?

    So, now we have the question......Why did there have to be a test??? Wasn't god setting them up for a fall from the very start? Or was this tale simply that, a fairy tale. Children believe in fairy tales until they reach a certain age, once they realize the reality of life and what is true and what is not believeable.

    Surely, one cannot base their faith on fairy tales, can they?

    I myself have become a realist. I believe what I can see and what I perceive to be true and acceptable. There is so much written in the bible that I perceive to be just fairy tales. Job, the burning bush that spoke, Cain and Able, wrestling with powerful angels.

    What I am getting at is this......With all the twists and turns of the bible that are supposed to be the basis for a world wide belief system, why are people in this enlightened world of ours still holding on to this nonsense?


  • Elsewhere

    Because the god of the Bible is an asshole.

    If you really stop and look at the behavior of the god of the Bible you will find that it is just another ruthless dictator that will quickly and ruthlessly crush any form of dissent. This dictator has followers of such devotion that they honestly believe that this ruthless behavior is a good thing and are aghast at the idea of anyone actually questioning their god.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    There was no need for a test. If God could read hearts, he knew whether Adam and Eve obeyed out of love. It is all a fairy tale.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Elsewhere is correct! The God of the bible IS an Asshole. It's like a sick gameshow where the contestants are put in Paradise, but wait!....a tree to tempt them...and Oh here comes Satan using a snake to talk..... lets see what happens next!

  • Nosferatu

    What I started thinking about is what if Adam & Eve DIDN'T eat from the tree? The entire earth would be a beautiful garden, full of people and animals, and yet nobody has eaten from the tree of knowledge.

    Yeah right, not gonna happen. If Adam & Eve didn't eat from the tree, one of their kids would have. Or their kids' kids. SOMEBODY would end up eating from that tree. Then what?

    None of it makes any sense. It's like putting a cookie on the table in front of your two year old and telling them "don't eat this cookie" and then walking out of the room. Of course, the cookie will be eaten.

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    Very good question! If you can believe in the Bible as literal and as the word of god, then you should be able to believe in the Brothers Grimm, Mother Goose, and other fairy tails as non-fiction.

    Why dismiss one set of tails but believe unto death another set? Both contain magic that no one has ever seen performed. Both teach lessons.

    Why buy into the one that is the most far fetched?

    Come on, a woman gets pregnant by a god? A war of gods in the heavens? Those have been done to death in other works and paganism and rewritten a million times way before they were compiled in the Good Book (by Catholics at Nicine (sic)).

    If you believe one set of fairy tails, you are marked as crazy.

    If you believe the other set of fairy tails, you are deemed faithful and worthy of everlasting life.

    My question is this: Bible believers, how can you tell the difference between the magic, lessons, and lore in fairy tails and those in the Bible?

    How do you know which is telling the truth since you have never seen such Hollywood magic performed in real life?

    No hijack intended and certainly no disrespect intended.

    This is illogical to me and does not follow reason, in my opinion.

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    It was explained to me by my mom when I asked that question when I was like about 8 years old.

    Adam would have abstained from eating the fruit (never an apple cuz the Bible never said which fruit) and that was the entirity of the test.

    The tree's fruit served its purpose for the test and now could be eaten by all.

    I said ok then walked away wondering why an all knowing god needed to test anyone at all.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Another question:

    If the Bible was inspired by god, then so was the Quran, Book of Morman, and other holy books that make the same claim in their pages.

    Could it be that one tickles the ears just a little bit better than the others for some people?

    If you want to conquer and oppress others to death, believe in Islam.

    If you don't want to drink coffee, tea, alcohol, or eat chocolate, believe in Mormonism.

    If you want a scapegoat to take the blame for the evil that you and others do and don't believe that you have the ability to run your own life, believe in the Bible.

    If you are willing to take 100% responsibility for your actions, reactions, and for caring for the earth and all that lives on it, believe in paganism.

    Again, I mean no disrespect to others who believe in what I can't believe in. To each their own. The above is what I really think of other religions. I don't support the idea of forcing my opinions on others, just sharing them when asked.

  • Farkel

    The absurdity of God's Edenic "test" is revealed here:



  • shamus100
    I myself have become a realist. I believe what I can see and what I perceive to be true and acceptable.

    Without circular reasoning you will never find god.

    Welcome to the real world! You're all correct; the god of the christian bible is a complete asshole, and the only reason why we are all bombarded with his nonsense is because of where we were born; not because the christian god is everywhere. It would be much different if you were born in Pakistan.

    Thanks but no thanks to the christian god Yahweh, Jehovah, or just plain old god.

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