Appropriate attire for females................?

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  • undercover
    had a dream once about going into a kingdom hall in a very modest dress, at least on the front. Walking in and up to the front of the hall to sit down, everyone gasping in shock, because the bum of the dress was cut out and revealed a thong and stockings.

    I guess that was a Freudian thong...

  • blondie

    Business dress codes are no longer acceptable to the WTS.

    *** w02 8/1 p. 19 par. 16 Stirred by "the Magnificent Things of God" ***Styles of dress and grooming have deteriorated in recent years. Even the dress code of business and professional people does not always provide a reliable standard of what is appropriate for Christians.
  • hillbilly

    GOD should like a pantsuit... he cant look up a skirt with a mirror on his shoe that way.


  • 144001

    At my newly founded hall, women are expected to exhibit proper decorum, including without limitation appropriate attire:

    Red Misfit Bustier

  • daniel-p

    There is no relevance to the statement "Dress that is appropriate for Christians", since in Biblical times both men and women (and today in some parts of the Middle East) wore robe-like garments. Pants are and were impractical. So when did the modern, Western style of a woman's dress somehow become equated with Christian values? Because the dresses JW women wear today have nothing in common with what was worn in Biblical times.

  • coffee_black

    When my dad was in the hospital, my mom would spend the day with him and then go to the meeting directly from the hospital. She went in a pantsuit most of the time. An elder said something to her once and she asked him if he would prefer that she not go to the hall. She said that if she had to go home and change, she would not be able to get to the hall on time. He backed off.

    My mom was a spitfire...and my dad was a prominent elder...

    Coffee who thinks that God has better things to do than worry about whether a woman wears pants or a skirt....

  • tijkmo

    at my place of work we have a dress standard...

    black trousers

    white shirt

    black jacket

    black shoes

    black socks

    no trainers

    no denim

    no jewelry

    i guess if i objected i would be told that i don't have to work...but then i wouldn't get paid.

    if one is part of a group or organization then we accept there are rules.

    we chose not to be part of the watchtower we are free to wear what we like...unless we are part of a different org or a secular company that has a dress code (most of which are far stricter than they are as highlighted above - i am not kidding about the socks)

  • stillajwexelder

    The appropriate attire for females is anice low cut blouse with a nice short skirt well above the knees

  • flipper

    Stark raving naked has always worked really good for me. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'd go for what is comfortable and not too provacative. At my age, not much is provacative.

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