JW Child Abuse Makes 'Private Eye'

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    I bought a couple of copies. The charity commission will monitor such media interest so can only help the cause. Well done.


  • snugglebunny

    The online version is here: Private Eye

    The only reference made to the hard copy says:

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses are criticised for delaying an investigation into safeguarding procedures, potentially putting children at risk.

  • jhine

    Joe ,I'm sure that you will have seen the thread "JW laughs at abuse victims " would it be useful to make Private Eye aware of this?


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    I've read this thread.

    My thoughts are these. 'Private Eye' is an extremely well respected publication, read by many politicians, law-makers, persons of influence, etc. (as well as us general cynics and shit-stirrers). One of the reasons it is so respected is that its stories are well-researched and stand up to scrutiny - they have to, the publishers have been sued for libel before (usually they win).

    Sources for their stories are generally unimputable, and that is their strength. They are not, and operate differently from, the tabloid (or broadsheet) press which they regularly lampoon.

    I will continue to monitor (so far as I am able) the CC proceedings and will, of course, pass on to my journalist contact anything useful. Knowing the investigative journalism pedigree of 'Private Eye', I think that she will be keeping an eye on this story.

    The best way to progress it, I think, is through court reports, etc. Tabloid journalism won't help - it's too easy to discount.

  • Phizzy

    Very wise Joe, the stuff in the Thread Jan referred to is, by the makers own admission, not verified.

    Just one error and JW's disregard everything. Which is ironic when you think of the level of unverified crap they are fed.

  • jhine

    Point taken guys . I was just thinking out loud .


  • Vidiot

    jhine - "I was just thinking out loud ."

    No, you weren't.


    Unless you were talking as you were typing...


  • jhine

    I'll keep that in mind , Vidiot


  • rebel8

    convicted child abuser Jonathan Rose was allowed to question his victims after release from prison to see whether he should be allowed to return to the congregation

    WTF! Proof positive there is no loving, powerful god in charge of the universe.

    This is tantamount to cutting open a cancer survivor and inserting a new tumor.

    Manchester Evening News

    Rose was even allowed to ask the women about the abuse he was jailed for - as eight elders looked on.

    A source, who asked not to be named, told the MEN: “Before each meeting the women were read a scripture on false witnesses and told to consider it carefully. They had to go through the abuse in detail and were asked if they encouraged it. One of the victims was asked if she had enjoyed it.

    “At the third meeting Rose was present. He questioned the women in detail about the abuse with no one stepping in to stop bullying as would happen in court.

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