Is disfellowshipping as popular as it was years ago?

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  • sir82

    By far it's the "kids" who are doing stuff that would get them DF'ed.

    Kids have grown up online and know where to find stuff. The Flock book is easily found online.

    I wonder if kids are reading the book and figuring out how to "cheat" and tell the elders what the elders want to hear, and thus get "only reproof" instead of DF'ed?

  • wifibandit
    We had 2 teenagers DF'd just a few months ago. Another 2-3 dodged the bullet, barely. The "bullet" hit young adults in other halls.
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman
    I don't agree that it's the kids who are getting in trouble. I see mostly adults who get in trouble. 99 percent of the time it's sex, but that's human nature. Kids just drop out if they aren't invested in it. They leave first and then do what they want after that.
  • Clambake

    I think as a whole, a lot less people come and go from the borg. At least in Western nations.

    My first cong with my wife, I think an entire generation was kicked out. Anyone born from 1970 to 1990. Now it is like an old folks home. Kind of funny.

  • sir82

    By "kids" I mean 25 & under (can you tell I'm getting older? )

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    In the Spanish congs where I attend, it would take an act of congress to get disfellowshipped. I mean, it is of public knowledge of young people that are of have fornicated, married ones who have committed adultery and even, yes, a man that has clearly been arrested, jailed, in the newspapers for child abuse and we are still awaiting for disfellowship announcements, and nothing comes.

    Mind you that these acts have gone on for a long period of time. When I bring it up to my husband or other elders they just say that I do not know all the details of if the brothers/sisters have repented. What a crock of bull!!!


  • BU2B
    It still goes on quite a bit in my city. Even worse, many of them confess!
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Could it be that less young people or getting baptized...
  • OneEyedJoe
    Still pretty common, but maybe a little less. I agree that it's probably because there are fewer young unmarried folks. When I was a kid it seemed like it was 1-2 per year, but now it's maybe half that. Used to be all kids getting the boot for sex, but these days it seems to be 50/50 extra-marital affairs and alcoholism.
  • DeWandelaar
    I think it also depends on the country. Officially I am still in but most know me as an apostate

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