Prop 8 - Petition against the tax-exempt status of the Mormons

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  • Gopher
    LOL it is only 'tyranny' if you are the loser..........

    Nope, tyranny is taking away someone's right or power. It's always imposed by the stronger on the 'loser'.

    So we should let a few liberals decide for the rest fo us because they will throw a temper tantrum and akin their opinion to a 'right'.

    It's not American to have majorities take away privileges from minorities. "Temper tantrum" -- LOL. That's what you call protests where people exercise their first amendment rights to free speech?

    If you don't like the voting process, well propose a change to your elected representative.

    I don't live in California, and have no such power to propose a change. However, California is a large part of American society. And as I've stated several times in the past 2 weeks I don't see where it's American for the majority to "vote" on whether minorities have equal rights. That's akin to mob rule. Proper elections are not about squeezing the minorities. America is about "all men are created equal", not about some being more equal than others and voting it that way.

  • stillajwexelder

    I would strip all religions world wide of their tax exempt status if I could

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