If you are reading this and you do not post much, tell us about you.

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  • asilentone
  • purplesofa

    hmmmm, well let me tell you a little about me!


    (has way more posts than I ever dreamed)

  • asilentone

    if you have been looking alot on this board and you just do not post much, at least you can just drop here to say Hello!

  • MadGiant


    Take care,


  • leokio

    Nowadays I only visit this board maybe once a week, read only what looks interesting and skip the rest. I've learned a lot here but have been away from the org. for so long (36 years), all of my experiences are ancient history and not worth expressing in my opinion. I do some anti-witnessing only when the opportunity presents itself, mostly to friends or to the occasional witness that comes to the door. I believe that the Watchtower Publishing Co. will exist in some form for many years to come. Over time, they can make huge changes and still retain many weak willed, weak minded followers. Many of my family members and former good friends are among them. I understand that this board is closing at years end so I'll take this opportunity to thank Simon for providing this avenue of help for me and so very many others who have learned the "truth" about the Truth from this forum over the past several years. Thank you Simon and all who assisted you in your sacred quest. Leo

  • brooklynNY


    i visit this site several times a week, i would say for about five years.

  • halcyon

    I learned a long time ago not to expose myself too much on the internet.

    But I'm hardly quiet, otherwise. I Just don't tell personal details. Lots of personal thoughts and opinions though! I think you'll get to know me through my posts. I'm a critical thinker and quite logical, rational and calm.

  • shamus100


    I remember you from a ways back. We didn't always agree...

    Hope you're feeling better, and you fully recover. It takes time and it must be hard for you right now. Take care.

  • asilentone

    Blacksheep, I hope you feel better soon!

    Brooklyn, Leo, It is amazing that you read here alot from time to time and you not posting here much, I appreciate you posting on my thread!

    Luna, Sorry to hear that you are severely depressed, if you want to express it more freely, we might be able to help you here at JWD.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I have posted some but not much. I live in Texas, have one child, a husband and one little dog. Used to come here about every day but since they announced that the board was closing have pretty much stopped posting and come here about once a week. Love to hear all of the garbage about the Society, I am really going to miss being in on the news before any of the JWs get it. We have been out since 2004.


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