If you are reading this and you do not post much, tell us about you.

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  • wonderwoman

    Hi all. I haven't been on JWD in a long time. I'm bummed to hear it is closing soon... I have been out since 1994 and have never been better. WW

  • Maryblondgrl

    I visit about four times per week and watch the threads. I have been inactive for a while but always live in the fear that the big A is coming and I can't shake it. So I quietly watch what is happening in the world and try not to freak!!! I guess the hold on me is still strong. The recent events has me nervous. My immediate family (husband and kids) are not witnesses, although I did take the kids when they were younger. But my parents and sibling are still involved heavily. I don't get invited over their houses much

    The idea of getting back into it overwhelms me with anxiety that even the fear of NOT being there doesn't overcome it.

  • four candles
    four candles

    Maryblondgirl,I know what you mean!!! Every time I see the bruvs out on the ministry I get a knot in my stomach of nervousness and realize that ,even if I did go back,I could never go out on the min again!!

    Not fussed about the big A,probably won't know too much about it anyway!

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