JW's mentioned on Radio4 as being resistant to reporting child abuse.

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  • floriferous


    The Government has announced plans to make it a legal obligation for social workers, teachers and councillors to report child abuse. The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service has called for the proposed law to apply to churches. William Crawley discusses with Simon Bass, chief executive officer of CCPAS.

    The first 5 minutes of the radio programme deals with section of interest.

  • Phizzy
    Thanks for posting this ! It was good to hear that the Mr Bass, the CEO of The CPAS, was 100% accurate in what he said. JW's cannot deny the truth of the existing cases that have come to Court.
  • BluesBrother

    As the man said....a sad indictment indeed .....The worst thing, organizationally, is that they not only do not report unless legally bound, but that they actually impede investigations by refusing to co-operate...

    Thanks for sharing

  • cofty

    Thank you.

    How embarrassing that Jehovah's Witnesses were mentioned as the group that makes mandatory reporting necessary.

  • Fisherman
    How about barristers? And what about other crimes? If church privileges are legally abolished can this set a president to make reporting all crimes compulsory by all entities, and will this also affect privileges and immunities enjoyed by other entities including the ones holding public office, or are these proposed laws about pedophiles really about only targeting the church?
  • cofty
    are these proposed laws about pedophiles really about only targeting the church?

    The proposed change to the UK law on child welfare will affect professionals like teachers and social workers etc. As it stands it will not affect religion at all.

    The Churches Child Protection Advisory Service are asking for it to be extended to include religion.

    If church privileges are legally abolished ...

    Can anybody think of any possible reason why a church should enjoy any sort of privilege?

  • Fisherman

    in the US? The Constitution. In England, the Mayflower?

  • _Morpheus
    in england, the mayflower....? im a bit lost on that referance i must say
  • Fisherman

    The proposed change to the UK law

    Yes, that would mean that it does not seem that the purpose of the change is to target the church.

  • Giordano

    Fisherman It's not the Mayflower it's the Magna Carta which would be the equivalent.

    However the law today prevails over religious freedom if those freedoms allow people to be stoned or burnt alive at the stake or to have a child molested because they can't find another witnesses. The WTBTS has overreached and they will have to comply.

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