Why do you think that some are more "controlled" by the WBTS than others?

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  • lurker

    Man do I know how you feel I go through this daily from my wife. I feel very bad for you. I really beleive that the problem lies in the fact that they are unable to think for themselves. It is really sad. For the most part there are many that I love in that org so I can not go anywhere. I must keep quiet outside of my family and just have my own mind on things. PM me if you want to talk

  • zagor
    But you have some people who worship the WBTS and who are consumed by it. No bad thing can ever be said about the organization or its members. In my house I am usually ripped to pieces by my wife if I say anything "negative" about the organization or the brothers. Doesn't matter what they did. Because they are part of God's Organization, they are free from accusation or even inspection.

    Yup, sound like my ex. I think some people just love to be spoon-fed and have someone else make decisions for them even in small things. These are kinds of people who want you to tell them what to do, of course if not everything goes as planned then it is all your fault. You can’t reason with them and any suggestion that something is not right with either their way of doing things or their precious small bubble world is met with hysterical opposition. The problem with “society” is that it makes people even more dependent and less able to use their brains, so of course when you dare to say something you are actually in her eyes talking against the source of her logic. I admire you if you can live with that and still remain sane yourself, I couldn’t. In the end we parted our separate ways. Good luck mate.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    My parents and most of my extended family are the same way. They would do absolutly anything the society told them to do. But they were raised in the truth, the women don't go to school or work outside of the home. They have their whole life invested and are told that any consideraion of a different point of view is apostacy. It is truly all they know. I feel bad for them but there is no helping them. The threat of dying at armageddon always trumps any of my arguments. I can't even imagine living in the same house with that kind of insanity.

  • M.J.

    Just like any group environment. Some are more into the group thinking than others...of course a lot of it depends on the group.

    In my fraternity there were those who were very gung-ho, and others who were ho-hum. We, as leadership were confounded on how to get more of the ho-hum crowd transformed into the gung-ho guys. We used some legalism: suspension of those who didn't meet certain requirements. Housecleaning is a common practice among fraternities.

    Ritual, we found, was pretty important. Events where everyone worked together and of course socialized together were also important.

    Of course the old fraternity stand-by, hazing, or otherwise making people really work hard or go through discomfort to acheive a certain status: a full-fledged "brother", has always been a key tactic that has worked.

    Elitism, of course was a big key. Every fraternity is always sizing themselves up to other ones. If someone is in a group filled with people who are perceived to be better than those on the outside, that person is glad to call himself a member of that group. He is very enthused about taking on that identity and will go along with group thinking all the more.

    These are all basic group-dynamic forces that affect people to varying degrees. Of course, minimum requirements for being a member will affect the percentage of people that are strongly into the group mindset, as most others will be kicked out. But you have to balance where you set the bar with your concerns for retaining membership and acheiving growth.

    Come to think of it, It seems like the guys who were the most charged up about belonging to the group were those guys who never felt like they belonged to anything beforehand.

  • sf

    Why do you think that some are more "controlled" by the WBTS than others?

    Simple. Choice. Unless of course, there is a loaded gun to their head.


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