The Gov Body quietly considered expelling those judged too obese

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I don't have written proof, but I know a CO named Mega who had a big problem with fat people. He used to be in the garment industry back in NY and he made a point to holler your suit size as a guess when he saw you for the first time. Especially if you were XL sized. The story of a young elder west of Sacramento was that he was very spiritual and good at teaching the troof. he was a little pudgy though. Mega came to visit and removed all of his platform priveleges until he lost weight and stopped being an embarrassment to Jah.

  • Seeker4

    In all my years as a JW, I never heard of anyone getting DFed due to gluttony. There are a LOT of heavy JWs.

    I knew the Don Amy CO/DO mentioned earlier. Many years ago.

    How to deal with the obese was at times discussed, but a lot of the thoughts on this thread were brought up, and it was essentially an issue too hot to handle, too filled with subjective ideas.

    Iloowy, might that be R&C you were referring to? Definite weight issues there. And they do love to eat out!


  • caliber

    gluttony often accompanies drunken bouts and revelries, and it is certainly included in the comprehensive expression

    " 1 : excess in eating or drinking 2 : greedy or excessive indulgence ~Webster definition

    So a valid charge of gluttony would almost have to involve a public party (As with drunkenness)

    which involve obvious ,wasteful overuse as a habit not just one event ..known to and involving many

    people. It's about the food not fatness !


  • caliber

    Scientists discover ‘skinny’ gene

    Certain flies, mice and people are just born lucky (except in time of famine

    Janine Geredes is the kind of person many of us love to hate. No matter how much the Northern California woman eats, she never gets fat

    Graff and his colleagues wondered how good copies of the gene would impact survival in the wild. So they subjected the skinny flies to famine-like conditions. Not surprisingly, they did poorly. From an evolutionary perspective, this gene is the one that helps animals do well in affluenttimes — very much like the situation in western countries today, says Graff.

    In times of plenty, these super skinny, sleek and fast flies can easily get away from predators,” Graff adds. “But in times of shortage, they don’tmake it.”

    Many native land peoples survived hundreds of years of famine cycles, thus those who carried these shinny genes dead out, where as

    those who had the efficient genes lived to reproduce. The European affluent diet is therefore a much greater issue for these people


  • FlyingHighNow
    people. It's about the food not fatness !

    Thank you, Caliber. I recall the days when I could anything and not gain weight. These were the years before I turned 31. I also recall thinking people just needed to eat less and exercise more. I made a buffoon of myself with more than one unfortunate person by clueless comments.

    I made my sister cry. She found a note I made to myself. "You don't not want to end up like _ _ _ _!" I was being oh so very careful with my diet and exercise, terrified of gaining weight and becoming fat. This was before I had some extremely major surgeries with resulting metabolic issues.

    When I gained weight, I had to eat my words and humble myself. Maybe weight control wasn't so cut and dry afterall. I hope none of you that are giving pat, smug comments on this thread ever have to eat your words for the reasons I did. But, if you do, then you have my empathy. And please, be careful what you say, especially to children and teenagers. Eating disorders are very real. My slender daughter has one. I'd rather see her plump and healthy, than thin and with the health issues that are directly related to her eating disorder. I could lose her one day because of her fear of weight gain.

  • bonnzo

    USA Today reported last year that weight related health problems kill more each year now than tobacco. i don't have the article, but at the time i shared that with several elders to see if being grossly overweight would ever be a df'ing offense. of course the fat bastards said no. funny how sanctity of life issues only come up when someone wants to sky dive or bungee jump, not when someone risks their life by bad eating habits or refusing blood transfusions.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Bonz, why don't you share your 100 % perfect, health food diet with us?

    I will be 50 in two weeks. I have never had high blood pressure and I don't have diabetes. Hyper-lipid counts run in my mother's side of the family and touch the slim, medium and overweight family members. There is a genetic factor, which is why we've lost always slender relatives to arteriosclerosis. An example of someone who always ate healthy foods and did yoga every morning on into his 70's, was my mother's father. He was never fat. He started having little strokes at 72 and was rendered helpless over the next five years.

    It's a myth that thin Americans do not get the same kind of health problems that not so slim ones do. Thin people die from heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other diseases. A lot of this has to do with stress and some of it with the American diet.

    People in Italy and other countries along or near the Mediterranean eat olive oil, full fat dairy products and meats. A lot of them smoke and drink less moderately than Americans. But they live less stressful lives and they eat olives, and other foods high in omega three fatty acids. They don't work themselves to death either.

    My doctor tells me they get up later, go to work later, take two hour lunches where they feast, dance, talk and then nap. Then they work a bit later than Americans and they go home and party and feast some more. They go to bed late. They enjoy themselves. And they don't care if they look like supermodels.

    I had a customer from Croatia tell me, when I was giving out samples of olives, that you see 95 year olds, smoking and drinking like sailors, all over Croatia and Italy, France, Spain. She blames it on the olives, wine and laughter.

  • LisaAnn

    OK, will somebody please tell me why 'gluttony' is a 'sin'??? Who is getting hurt by another person eating a lot???

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