The Gov Body quietly considered expelling those judged too obese

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  • cameo-d
    Under the Mosaic Law, parents of an incorrigible son who was a glutton and a drunkard were to bring him to the older men of the city, who would have him stoned to death. (De 21:18-21) As a warning to others, the Proverbs condemned even association with gluttons:

    Here we go again...throwing rocks at 'em. Threats from the old Mosaic laws. Fat fat fat...not even a chance to have a rock miss you!

    Why have religions always taught us to pick on one another?

    Why have religions taught us to make examples of others faults so we can puff ourselves up like we are "better" than them?

    Why does this old Moses religion promote hatred rather than compassion?

    Jesus came to get rid of these hateful teachings. He came to the Jews because they were the ones promoting this violence and elitism.

    Watchtower and all of its associates are destined for the abyss for continuing this hatred and antagonism.

  • FlyingHighNow
    People eat when they don't need to, about half of the time. They eat to cure boredom, feel better, stop nervousness.


    Eating when you don't need to does not qualify you as a glutton. Having a snack here and there or extra calories everyday, whether you have an excellent metabolism or a very bad one, is not the same as binging and gorging yourself with huge amounts of food. Gluttony involves stuffing yourself, day in and day out, with a lot of extra food. Even then, today's medical profession recognizes the eating disorder.

  • undercover

    Since there's a bit of debate over obesity and gluttony, I want to clarify my post about the gluttonous elder...

    He was fat because he overate, not because of some other health issue.

    I've known quite a few obese JWs in my time but the vast majority I never saw overeat. Some truly did have health issues. I'm sure others chose poor eating habits but didn't necessarily overeat. One of my best friends growing up had weight issues. He, his mother and his sister could never keep the weight off. No matter how they dieted or exercised they remaind quite large. It was obviously a family trait. He wasn't a glutton though he was always overweight.

    But the experience I gave earlier was about a glutton. It was obvious to anyone who ever watched him eat. At congregation picnics he was the first in line and then he made three and four trips back to the line...not counting dessert, which was a couple more trips. He had cookouts at his house where he cooked and he ate as much as he cooked. His wife cooked enough food for a small army at every meal and they never had leftovers. He was a glutton...and he was an elder. When other JWs exhibited that lack of self control when it came to drinking they came before the elders to be counseled, if not DFd. This elder actually sat in on JC meetings where people were being discliplined for over drinking which makes the man a hypocrite as well as a glutton.

  • Satanus

    Most of us eat more than we need to. Health studies have shown that health is better when eating less than needed rather than more than is needed. The abundence of food in our western world has come a long way from the hunter gatherer way of life which was what we evolved for. They had to spend a lot more of their time finding food than we do.

    'One in three or 58 million American adults aged 20 through 74 are overweight. According to data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III), the number of overweight Americans increased from 25 to 33 percent between 1980 and 1991. The survey also shows that minority populations, specifically minority women, are disproportionately affected: approximately fifty percent of African American and Mexican American women are overweight. By a similar definition, more than one in five children and adolescents aged 6 through 17 are also overweight. Even using a more rigorous definition recommended for youths, 11 percent of children and adolescents are overweight, up from approximately 5 percent in the 1960s and 70s. Overweight and obesity is a known risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, arthritis, breathing problems, and some forms of cancer.'


  • Satanus

    It's interesting that in quite a few hunter gather societies, fat, especially fat women were considered beautiful. Our society is the exact opposite. Fads, i guess.


  • carla

    This all makes perfect sense now!! My jw has been saying (note:not really doing anything) about losing weight lately.

    Being fat, by and large is as much a choice as smoking is. Smoking is a considered by many a character issue, why should addiction to food be any different? Some people eat to live others live to eat. One chooses to put nicotine into their body and the other chooses to overindulge in food. You would be amazed by how little calories you really need to get by on. A news show a few years back did a spot on a poor fat guy who even though he 'never ate' remained fat. They secretly followed him with a camera and found he was actually eating all day long mooching a cookie here, a chip there and so on. He was right, he never ate a real meal just ate all day long. Mom's are notortoious for 'I really don't eat that much but...' and many will finish off their kids plates in the kitchen because they can't see throwing good food away. Or they will be the ones to eat the leftovers because nobody else will. It is just not politically correct to call out fat people on being fat, can't be their own fault, must be that McDonald's that serves unhealthy food they eat 3 times a day 7 days a week. I had an employee that literally ate every single meal every day at McDonald's, gross. Though I did work with another guy that ate only healthy organic food before it became in vogue to do so, he got cancer and died at an early age. Sometimes you just can't win.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Gallbladder disease. Did you know that following a lowfat diet can cause extreme gallbladder disease and that many lowfat dieters, including my sister and me ended up finding this out the hard way? I nearly died.

    You would be amazed by how little calories you really need to get by on.

    And you'd be amazed how miserable you can make yourself, going around starving half to death all the time because some rude, insensative people think you should be their ideal of your ideal weight.

    I saw a news report yesterday about the growing trend towards eating disorders amongst boys and men. Really, America is so diet obsessed, thanks to the multi-billion dollar diet industry and media, that America is making itself fatter. Dieting ruins your metabolism. If people are able to eat sensible amounts of healthy foods and get moderate amounts of exercise, as well as not panic at an extra 5-30 lbs, it's likely that obesity would mostly disappear. Insensitive attitudes, rude remarks and lack of education on what truly causes obesity, contribute to the growing problem. Never encourage anyone to diet. If you do, you may very well help that someone end up on a lifelong dieting yo-yo that is far more dangerous than a few extra pounds.

  • hamsterbait

    jehoobie will cleanse the earth using soap made of rendered down fat people.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    We had one Governing Body member was a child molester and a Homosexual......that we know of, so they should chill out.

  • chickpea

    my youngest kid spent nearly 4 years
    on steroids because of uncontrolled asthma...

    his body is forever changed because of it
    and carrying extra weight, including the
    "fat hump" at the base of his neck is just
    a preview of what might yet develop because
    of the damage to his endocrine system....

    the price he pays for being alive.....

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