The Gov Body quietly considered expelling those judged too obese

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  • gymbob

    There was a woman in my cong. a few years back who must have weighed 350+.

    I remember one evening during the meeting she got up to go in the back to visit the ladies room. When she returned to her seat (in the front row) she had some toilet paper stuck to her rear and her skirt was tucked into her underwear! By the time one of the other woman in the hall caught her, she had already given everyone a real view of the fattest ass I have ever seen.

    That sight has haunted me for years......

  • iloowy

    The point on obesity vs. gluttony is well expressed in the foregoing posts. A person can be thin and still be a "glutton".

    Here, let's use money as an example:

    A person can be very poor and yet very greedy and so can a person who is filthy rich still be very kind with money and try to help others with their excess.


    The fact is that the website at

    mentions that "The Gov Body quietly considered expelling those judged too obese".

    It doesn't say anything about gluttony. Nothing is mentioned about expelling "gluttons" but rather those "judged too obese"...

    Well then who is doing the judging? Will they put a weigh in scale at the entrance of the KH or will they have an attendant with a tape measurer? Will they assemble a Judicial Committee to "judge" who is "too obese"?

    It just seems so ridiculous a thought. If indeed it was brought out in a Governing Body session it taints the image of this "Governing Body" as a group of judgmental bigots trying to exert their own misshapen consciences on those they trample and tread underfoot with pharisaical rulings.

    This is why it would be important to get at the root of this leak... if indeed it was something discussed by the Governing Body, then "Wow!" if it's something made up then it's a false accusation.

    I'm interested in knowing more about who may have said something as "stupid" as bringing for consideration expelling people for their being over weight according to another persons standards of body shape and body mass.

    Who really has the right to judge another on Salvation on this issue. Please note that the quote says nothing, nothing, not a mention of "gluttony" only about being "judged too obese". What an incredible statement!

    Sincerely. --ILOOWY

  • iloowy

    Hmmm... links don't show up when you use Chrome for a browser. " the website at: " I guess you could just cut and paste. Or if someone more savvy on this software could make it live then please help. Thanks. --ILOOWY

  • iloowy

    BTW there was a flurry of dieting after a new CO came to town.

    Several elders went on Atkins and one on South Beach diet.

    They've lost weight, but one is definitely a "glutton" on sushi,

    talking about it at every opportunity and spending a good chunk of

    money eating out with his missus who is also quite overweight.

    Not sure of what this CO told the brothers and what prompted the

    big dieting craze... but it sure put the fire on their plump behinds.

    This was just a personal observation and an assurance that somethings up

    from watching the unofficial goings on of the super-fine elders we have

    in my Cong.

    Anyone noticed anything similar?


  • jamiebowers

    The first time I ever heard of this was during one of Rick Fearon's (KoolAidMan) conference calls. I can't remember the guest speaker who brought this up, but he said that he told the elders something like he wouldn't dare pull sisters into the back room with a scale. He also said that he was very offended, because his m-i-l who was very dear to him, happened to be a large lady.

  • laneh

    One of the guests on Rick Ferron's call-in phone conferences talked about it. If you use Search at the top of this page and type in the key word "obesity" you will get hits for it on a string back in 2006 here. One poster mentions his own father as someone who was deleted as a ministerial servant for being obese. I don't believe it had anything to do with gluttony which is habitually overeating, just being too overweight. He was not disfellowshipped but deleted. The person who talked about it on Rick's show might have been David Riccaboni. I'm not sure and don't have time to listen to that whole tape or any of the others. If you do, though, here it is.

    Conference Call August 2, 2008

    Is Gilead downsizing or dismantling? David
    Riccaboni, former presiding overseer, talks of a large
    sum of money given to the organization by Michael

    The Governing Body considered doing so but did not implement it fully. When I was in the Watchtower Society back in the 1970s and 1980s I think they considered it then but also didn't go ahead with it.

  • laneh

    Well, I just clicked and discovered that the Ricabonni tape has been "banned" temporarily I told you about above as the possible source on the telephone conference series.

    Evidently someone had given out a person's name and Rick is having to delete that name for privacy reasons. That has happened before. I suggest you ask Rick who is called something like KoolAidMan here.

    In turn, if Rick says it was Ricabonni then you can ask him for Ricabonni's email or a phone number if he gives it out.

  • free2beme

    Well, as much as it seems mean ... ever see the pain someone can go through quiting smoking. Face it, people over weight are showing the same disrespect for life as a smoker in the Witness sense of thinking. It is just considered mean to pick on fat people, where as smokers can go to HELL!

  • FlyingHighNow
    It is just considered mean to pick on fat people, where as smokers can go to HELL!

    I don't think most of the posters, if any. on this thread would pick on smokers. The deal is though, smoking is a chosen addictive habit. Eating is not. We all must eat, even if we have genetically poor metabolisms, we still have to eat food.

  • Satanus

    People eat when they don't need to, about half of the time. They eat to cure boredom, feel better, stop nervousness.


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