Stupid mom.

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  • Robdar
    As a few of you know, I have a bit of money in my name. However, here's the caveat: my bleeping dub mother is in charge of it.

    In charge of it? In charge of your money? What are you, a minor? Are you retarded? Do you have some sort of disability?

    Sounds to me as if it is her money and she isn't ready to fork it over to you yet. If you were my son and came at me using that sort of language, you wouldn't get very far. Jdub or not.

    Why don't you get a job? Oh, and maybe learn a little respect.

  • JWdaughter

    I have a friend whose family money is in a trust overseen by guardians. Until she is 35! Yeah, it is a control thing, but it may have been set up originally by someone else, OR mommy dearest may have legally given discretion to decide the OP's 'maturity'.

    I saw the heading of the post and had to read it after my conversation with my mom today.

    Yeah, they are nuts! And the OP may be able to challenge her in court. My mom is telling me I am selfish to not think or not WANT 'armageddon' to come about ASAP. Hey, if Jesus is returning, he isn't going to do it because our economy is once again crappy. I am only 42 and I remember the 70's, the S&L thing, 9-11. Lately, my mom is convinced MOSTLY because of the money and the fact that my 7 yo niece is into HS Musical and dances inappropriately. I also remember mom saying that about the 'Hustle'. But that was in the 70's, and we all KNEW that was the end!

  • asilentone

    I agree with Robdar, Remember the saying "Respect do go long way" If you had a son or daughter treating you this way, how would you react?

  • QuestioningEverything

    I can't believe the disrespectful names you are calling your mom. It doesn't help to be like that if you want something from her. Is there a reason she is in charge of your finances?

  • asilentone

    CRR, you would need to be mentally stable before you can get the money out of the account. Your mother can use that against you in court, so be cool and chill out. Improvise to see how you can improve your life.

  • Aculama

    She should let you buy a house, it would help the economy.

  • jamiebowers

    Geez, you guys, take it easy on CRR. He's ranting and is probably doing so, because he doesn't want to freak out on his mom. The "get a job" comment was uncalled for. If money was set aside for him, buying a house and a car aren't unreasonable requests. I've worked with disabled people, and the goal is to help them be as independent as possible, so his own house and car may not be a bad idea, even if he is disabled. Being that we all know how controlling jws can be, we need to give CRR the benefit of the doubt. It is better to ask questions about his particular situation than criticize him for venting, which is something we all do on occasion. If the mods let the "B" and "C" words alone, then so should we.

    ColdRedRain: Why does your mother have control of your money? If you are disabled in some way and able to live on your own, you may be able to have the court appoint a different guardian who is in agreement with you. Let us know as many details as you can, as someone may be able to advise you.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'm no where near perfect as a parent, but my kids would never call me the C word. If you talk to her like this in person, no wonder she doesn't trust you with money. Why is it in trust anyway? Is she your payee? If she is your payee, you can have someone else appointed your payee.

    It's in the poorest taste possible for any man to call any woman a C, especially a son to his mother.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Be careful who you appoint as your payee. But remember, you do have some say in the matter.

    And whether you call her C to her face or behind her back, it's still one of the trashiest, most disrespectful things a man can say to a woman. Perhaps it is the worst. Calm down. You'll get no where fast allowing yourself to grow hysterical.

  • Finally-Free

    I think she should just turn all your money over to you. That way you can buy what you want, and she won't have to put up with your mouth.

    Everybody wins.


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