Now open "Harvard Witness Window Cleaners University"

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Since the society has banned higher education the "Harvard Witness Window Cleaners University" offers Witnesses many courses to better field service.

    1. PHD in Window ledge wiping. 2. Masters Degree in Scraping Paint off Glass. 3. Logistical and theoretical science {e.g is there such a thing as a too big squeegee?}

    4. Chemical science {dishwash liquid - to water ratios}

    Yes all this and more can be yours at the new Witness University for gifted young Pioneers. Witness 007 is a proud graduate who was top of his glass.....sorry Class.....he said: "Me no spell good now cause skool is bad....Witnessing goood. Me learn everythink from Watchtowers, me smart man now!

  • Mandette

    fantastic.....too funny...sadly too accurate too!!!


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy

    ..The Irony!..Windowless Kingdom Hall`s across the Planet..Filled with..Window CleaningWindow Cleaning..WINDOW WASHERS!!..Window CleaningWindow Cleaning.....Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • ninja

    hey 007....they are now known as visual technicians

  • wannaexit

    Witness 007 you are a a riot!!!!. Laughed really hard.

  • bonnzo

    damn! you really did git a coleg edjukashun from readn dem awakes!

  • elder-schmelder

    I remember all the DCs with the window washers and watching them.

    We were all very proud of how fast they were.

    I had goals that someday I would be a window washer just like them.

    Instead I became a Pizza Delivery guy !!

    Great job for Pioneering - I could go out in field circus every morning and deliver pizza every night - except Tuesday & Thursday.


  • Galileo

    Awesome post. The fact that you mentioned that we use dish soap proves that you're really in the biz. In my initial posts I said I run a "janitorial company" to protect my identity. Now I realize that admitting that I run a window cleaning company narrows it down to... 80% of witnessses. My identity is secure.

  • tinker

    I graduated from WWCU also, what a small world. I went on to specialize in dub converting with a doctorate in Domestic Engineering. The dub converting went bust when I realized dah! it was all a pack of lies. Domestic engineering went well and has developed into Full Time Cleaning for fun and profit. I should look into product development to distribute my homemade window cleaning potion. I will share it here just for you special friends. 1 empty gal jug, add: 1 pint rubbing alcohole 1/4 cup ammonia 2 Tbs Dawn dish washing liquid Fill the jug with water. less than $1.50 for 1gal of the best glass and all purpose cleaner. my high school teachers offered Design School but the WTBS said 'read our lips - you will Live Forever' Thank you WTBS for wrinkled hands and emotionally stunted social skills.

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