A CLEAR definition of "higher education"

by easyreader1970 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • james_woods

    Just as an aside, what about countries like Germany where the high school is practically like our high school + a first degree in college?

    Just commit truancy out of love for Jehovah?

  • stillajwexelder

    Is common sense prevailing at long last?

  • james_woods
    Is common sense prevailing at long last?

    God, I sure hope not. Better that they should continue to drive their kids away through radicalization.

  • undercover

    If all non-JWs are destroyed at Amageddon and the only survivors are those with high school educations or at the most, tech school diplomas, who is going to play doctor, architect, engineer and even teacher in the new system?

    Per doctrine, there's not a switch to perfection immediately after God's Great Day of Vengeance...humans will attain to perfection over time. In that time, there will be sickness, accidents and uneducated people running around trying to rebuild the world's infrastructure.

    Maybe it would be better to be destroyed...

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