Mayan Calendar And Predictions Of Our Financial System

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  • new light
    new light

    Very interesting read, Terri. I for one am ecstatic to see this happening before our eyes. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end and not just another adjustment. The sooner we have global enlightenment, combined with elimination of the elite class of slavemasters, the better.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    If the Mayans are so smart and can fortell the future.......WHERE ARE THEY NOW HUH!!!..........That's right they went extinct and silly old Witness 007 is still here with his "Dog Lovers 2008 Calander."

  • truthseeker

    Interesting read - I know some are very into 2012 - until I see further evidence I remain skeptical.

    The year 2012 and the Maya are not found in the Bible, hence my skepticism.

    I really think it's better to just wait and see, rather than endlessly speculate on these events.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    If all goes according to plan, money as we know it will have no meaning whatsoever by November of this year. Predictions indicate that an economic breakdown that is tantamount to the dropping of the atomic bomb (which happened the last time we were at this same phase of the Calendar) will happen sometime between now and November 12, 2008. Marking for reference on November 13th.

  • Gill

    What I find so 'annoying' about those who make these 'new world everything will be ok soon, after all hell has broken loose' predictions?

    Well, they consider that everything will be fine and hunky dory for those who survive, live on etc but what about those innocents who during the 'upheaval' starve, become desperately sick, suffer, die, are murdered and worse? Why does their 'suffering' always just not seem to count?

    Also, these predictions are always 'interpreted' with a Western nations slant and some how, that just doesn't seem 'global' to me.

  • stillajwexelder

    I bought a book on 2012 - what a pile of crap

  • Robdar
    I bought a book on 2012 - what a pile of crap

    Fairy dusted crap. Yum

  • Sunnygal41

    LOL...........some interesting comments, interesting questions so far. Folks, remember, take what YOU want, and leave the rest! Just sharing! I personally think that there is some validity to End Time Prophecies, but, don't always agree with SOME of the interpretations.

  • smellsgood

    enlightenment. Enlightenment to what exactly? That we are extravagantly materialistic? Wow, you could knock me out with a feather. Nobody has ever pointed that out before!!

    It sounds really nice to have a grander consciousness, but again, of what exactly? All seems rather uninspiring to me.

    However, I find archaeology fascinating. I find the Mayans fascinating, they were wicked good at..making calendars. Very advanced.

    I think it has something to do with the planets being aligned (in 2012) for the first time since..they were last aligned. :)

    I was just talking about the 2012 Mayan thing with my friend yesterday, he mentioned that the same year (because of the observation of the movements of planets by these peoples...I suppose) was 'predicted' by the Egyptians...maybe something by the Chinese as well.

  • zagor

    The funny thing about so called Mayan calendar is that it was supposedly predicting the end of the world but never foresaw the end of Mayan civilization. But when you look deeper into it you can see it is no better or worse than other "prophetic" books talking about generalities that had been observed before. Smart people have always known that in time of turmoil things tend to amplify in scope and power so it is not hard to say that there will be war, after which food shortage will follow and then death and diseases. Well just try following it for a moment and you'll see, there is absolutely nothing unusual about it but natural progression of one event after another.

    War cost helluva lot, I think Americans are just waking up to the fact of that too, if country is overstretched there is shortage of resources and bottom of society feels it first. As situation continues "bottom" thickens and you start having food shortage. Weak metabolism can't fight diseases and people start dying. The thing is, it never stared as fulfillment of a prophecy but as an idiotic decision of someone to go into a bloody war in the first place.

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