Mayan Calendar And Predictions Of Our Financial System

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    Mayan Calendar And Predictions Of Our Financial System


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    altI know that lots of people are freaking out right now over the impending collapse of our financial systems. If you have been reading the emails, I did my best to prepare you for this change some time ago. The Mayan Calendar has been predicting this collapse for thousands of years. And from what I can see, it will be a massive collapse. Moreover, it will be a global collapse. If all goes according to plan, money as we know it will have no meaning whatsoever by November of this year. Predictions indicate that an economic breakdown that is tantamount to the dropping of the atomic bomb (which happened the last time we were at this same phase of the Calendar) will happen sometime between now and November 12, 2008.

    The thing to know about this is that it is all in divine order. It is a part of the process of breaking away the illusions that have ruled our lives for centuries so that we can live more authentic lives. It is part of the process of ascension that is happening on the planet right now. In fact, it is one of the LAST stages necessary to release people from this illusion and allow us to move into a grander phase of our lives.

    At first, of course, we’ll scramble to save our money. (I personally am not keeping any significant amount of money in the bank right now). Next, we’ll see the government scramble to stop the impending collapse. It is dangerous ground because it will threaten the very fabric of our social systems as the government will not be able to make up the difference. I predict that you’ll see the fall of commercial and retail banks (including credit card companies) because people will not be able to continue paying back loans, particularly those to credit cards who are massively “dark” and who perpetuate the illusion that we “have” money. The credit card companies are (clearly) not integrous and they have lived by business practices that everyone can see are “evil.” Systems like this simply will not be able to sustain themselves in this time of increasing light. Another of the illusions that must fall away is the illusion of “credit”. I predict that credit ratings and the like will mean nothing very, very soon.

    And by the way, all that is happening is a “Correction”. For decades, we have been living on illusory money. If you ask people (or businesses) how much they are worth, many of them are actually telling you how much they are THEORETICALLY worth… the amount that shows on a balance sheet filled with investments and money owed , but which they don’t really have access to, and “guestimates” of how much something would sell for on the open market. The whole monetary system has been based on an agreed illusion that started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and grew exponentially more insane with the elimination of the gold standard in the 1970’s. If you are paying attention, you already know that your money is only worth what the other person agrees to believe that it is worth. On a global standard, the American dollar is already worth practically nothing.

    So what, you ask, should you do in the meantime? Well, I certainly don’t have all of the answers but I will suggest that you enjoy your money while you can. Love it. Adore it. Use it. Trade it. These are the last hours that it will mean much of anything. So have fun with it. I certainly wouldn’t recommend getting all weirded out about it. The process is unfolding perfectly according to a divine plan that is skewed in our favor. Trust the process and be as non-resistant as you can. Remember that you are eternal beings and that no matter how hard you try, you can’t die. (I know many of you don’t understand that or agree with it but energy never goes away it just changes form and you, my friend, are made of energy.) So do your best to enjoy the ride.

    Oh, and when they start eliminating money and replacing it with electronic devices only (which is what they will likely do next), STAY Away from the whole CHIP thing.!!!! They’re going to want to put one on your passport, on your driver’s license, and your social security card. Eventually, they are going to want to put one in you. Probably on the right hand. It is all predicted and I expect that we won’t be able to avoid it. They will use fear tactics to herd us into the “new improved system.” First, however, they will convince us that it is in our highest and best good (just as they already having us believing that it is appropriate to “CHIP” our animals.) It is an insidious system but I predict that it is on the horizon.

    The GOOD NEWS though is that things will get better starting in November. I suspect that Obama will win the election because he fits the Prophecy quite closely. It may or may not be a good thing. I still don’t know. The first 7 years will be great but after that it could be not so good. I guess we’ll see how it plays out. By then we will be in the new world and all bets are off. Frankly, I have no idea what is coming. I only know it is HUGE, it is Divinely guided, and it will be FINE!!!.

    In the meantime, I am including a link that will explain to people what is REALLY going on with money. It will show you clearly how this collapse was absolutely unavoidable. And anyone who knows ANYTHING about how money works must have seen this coming. This little movie is long but well done and really worth the time.

    I am also including an article that was written in 2004 by Carl Johan Calleman talking about what he saw happening when we hit “the fifth night” (where we are now) of the Mayan Calendar. The article is below…

    Calleman on the “Fifth Night” of the Mayan Calendar

    The following is from an article by Carl Johan Calleman. He wrote the book “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.”

    Although there are clues to the possibility to massive Economic change - it is difficult to know just when this might happen. Some dates predicted by some people have already come and gone. Calleman has a system of alternating days and nights that is based on his interpretation of the Mayan calendar. Also, in his model, the Mayan Calendar ENDS in 2011 rather than 2012.

    Here is the selection from an article that Calleman wrote:

    The difficult Fifth NIGHT ruled by Tezcatlipoca

    At this point I feel it may be in its place to make a jump forward to discuss what is likely to occur after the two pulses of LIGHT in DAY 4 and DAY 5. In the Fifth NIGHT, (November 18 2007 – November 12, 2008, ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca, the god of darkness), we will see the last desperate attempts of the West, and power hierarchies based on materialism everywhere, to remain in control and strengthen their power in some new very oppressive way.

    If the international monetary system collapses in DAY 5 we may for instance come to see this replaced by a centralized Electronic control over everyone’s economic interactions (Not to mention control of whereabouts and other things). Except that I simply look upon it as a phase in a cosmic plan, this is the time period when many of the scenarios described by conspiracy theoreticians may come true. Regardless of the concrete forms it may take, this is when everything will be made to keep people in the fold.

    In the same way as we, during the Fifth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld (1932-52), saw an alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union of Stalin we may well in the upcoming Fifth NIGHT come to see an alliance between the rulers of China and the United States – all in the interest of maintaining a hierarchically ruled world with a focus on material gains. And in the same way as the mentioned dictatorships of the Planetary Underworld enjoyed the overwhelming support of their subjects, we may well come to see a strong support by the subjects of the “Democracy” of the US and the “popular” regime of China as the Fifth NIGHT begins to rule in the Galactic Underworld.

    Especially in the United States people are already on a massive scale DELUDED into thinking that they are Free. Those with knowledge of the changing energies of the Mayan calendar will NOT be as easy to manipulate by fear, since they are aware of the wave movement of history.

    The Shift from Chaos to the Enlightened World

    Following the Fifth NIGHT large groups of people will however in the Sixth DAY break away from hierarchical control and guided by their intuition find a path towards increased wholeness. This is when the hierarchies will really start to break down, probably largely in a chaotic way. Yet, this is exactly the kind of chaos that is needed for the Recreation of an Enlightened world.

    Creativity is born out of chaos and if you think more deeply about it you realize that there is no linear way from today’s world (2004) to the Enlightened (2011). Instead the Enlightened world can only emerge out of a series of transformative pulses, including periods of destruction, such as the Fifth NIGHT.

    The Paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment. The emergence of a fully Enlightened collective state of consciousness can only thrive in a global consciousness that is balanced. This is because the imbalance that has been dominating humanity for some 5000 years has had its direct cause the dualist frame of consciousness that was ruling throughout this time.

    I feel however that the kind of Enlightenment humanity will approach as the cosmic plan is completed in 2011 will NOT be like anything that has existed previously. Although there are many descriptions of enlightened beings and ascended masters from human history I personally think that their states of consciousness in various ways have been limited by the creation fields that were ruling at the particular time they were (or are) living.

    Only in 2011 will all veils separating human beings from the Divine be removed and the supramental consciousness of the Universal Underworld will be unexplored territory. In a sense we are talking about the emergence of an entirely new species of human beings. For the first time Enlightenment will take place in a balanced global creation field and this certainly will influence the depth and scope of the cosmic consciousness that may be attained.

    Deborah Lindsey
    Self-Health and Awareness Center

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    Ok, I'll spend all my money by November.

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    Ok I spent all my money. I went and got a pack of gum from the vending machine, now what?

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    I am wondering what do the Watchtower say about the Mayan Calendar?


    The Mayan Calendar is never ending..Once you come to the end of the Mayan Calender..You start over................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

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    Why didn't you tell me 15 years ago the banking system would be tied into the Mayan calender. I could have prepared myself for today and tomorrow.

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    I think thier may be a correlating patern,, though I would go out and spend my money too fast,,I by the way had sold all my stocks which I have been living off of for ther past 2 years,,haven't paid my taxes in over three years and owe them about 10 grand so if the market fails and banks go belly up everyobe gets thier taxes forgiven and they keep living in thier homes and cooperate with each other and things coulld be rather good in some ways.

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