Is college worth it?

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  • d

    I want to transfer to get my bachlors degree. but I just feel so discorged by it all. I am full time. My alternative is just work as a stockboy at a supermarket.

  • brokethechain

    Unless you are a genius like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

    My current boss is in a very senior position - management of national operations - all without college.

    Having said that, after personally having skipped college because of WT direction and working my way to a midclass level job, I'm back in college now. I still don't know if it will translate into a better job or better pay, but, regardless, I feel like it's COMPLETELY worth the time & money (for me anyway).

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    All I know is that the $80 per hour I am now paid as an electrical engineer is definitely superior to the $30 per hour I was on as a "sparky":

    - to say nothing of the improvement in working conditions (having previously worked in such unsavoury environments as the rendering plant at a local meat processing plant).

    My present employer is rather unique, though, being prepared to recognize that a person's sheer amount of practical experience can compensate for lack of academic qualifications. In practice, almost always you would not get even a look in without a four year engineering degree to your name.

    Consequently, I cringe whenever hearing about somebody passing up the opportunity to go to college (as I did, for cultic reasons), or deciding to drop out from college once there.


    (With a 40 year degree from the University of Hard Knocks!)

  • perfect1

    I want to transfer to get my bachlors degree. but I just feel so discorged by it all. I am full time. My alternative is just work as a stockboy at a supermarket.

    Ok, so it sounds like you are in community college getting an associates degree- getting your general ed requirements out of the way.

    It sounds like you are really lacking in motivation and if being a stockboy sounds good to you- I would go do that- AFTER you complete your last class- Are you kidding me. Im sorry but some things you are saying dont add up- you have one class left but you are full time- youve been doing that 4 years but dont have a degree- either you are fulltime in which case you can actually finish in less than four years- or you are taking one class at atime which will take 16 years!!!

    Regardless, though I strongly believe in and advocate for higher ed, if putting cans on a shelf is preferable to you- go do that. Some people are not cut out for college. You should not continue until you identify a career goal and the major to help you get there.

    If you ever do want to go on you have the general ed under your belt so you are halfway there.

  • tiki

    i do believe that the US public school system is sadly lacking and lowering standards. I see college graduates at work who have less verbal and math skills than we (baby boomer gen) had upon high school graduation. it is statistically proven that we are lagging globally, and this does not bode well for future generations. as for college for everyone, there are those who simply do not have the mental capacity, but for those who do, it is a must. also, most teenagers have no idea what they really are all about or want from life - what career path will be most interesting and satisfying for them as individuals, and there is too much emphasis put on choosing majors too early. also, a lot of kids are packed off to college lacking the maturity for the investment. so....i am entirely for college - but at the right time and for the right reasons.

    economically you will be better off in the long run, surely - but if there just to take up space and not truly care about the learning experience is a waste.

  • d

    I am full time but I kept dropping math that is why I am at my collge currently.I just need this one class.But I just do not want to fail it again.

    But maybe I should just stick with the class and retake it if need be. I am just so damn discouraged.

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