How Do You Deal With Elders?

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  • Amha·’aret

    Did you ever watch that clip on you tube? I can't remember the exact title but an elder kept calling this guy asking to meet with him. Basic idea is to ask if its formal or informal. If its informal, then meet at the pub, no suits, no second elder (ie coroberating witness), no problem. If its formal, is it a JC meeting?

    If they press, just say that you'll meet but you'll be recording the meeting, will have legal counsel present and need to know what the accusations are so you can prepare a defense. Chances are they won't agree to these terms and will let you alone. I might be getting it a little muddled up but go to youtube and have a look for the clip. Its called "phonecall with an elder" or something like that.

    Hubby has had a couple of calls from the elders since he left but i've heard nothing from any of those loving shepherds or should I say sexist bastards!

    ...and breathe...

  • Amha·’aret

    Just found the clip....

    There's 2 parts to it.

  • flipper

    MINMUS- If elders come to my wife and my door ( which they haven't since the summer of 2007 ) they know they will get an earful concerning the child abuse scandal and the incorrect way it was handled and will be informed of my displeasure with the societies policy. I never attended meetings up here where we live - so as far as they know I just have family that are witnesses, but I'm a non-witness family member questioning their beliefs. So it allows me to get away with informing the elders with a lot more information they may not have heard due to being under " information control" from the Watchtower society. I don't think they want to hassle with me though as it's been over a year since they have called on our home - perhaps we are on the " do not call " list ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • anglise

    Tell them that you have never been happier.

    Thank them for their concern.

    Tell them that deep down you are sure they as an individual are really loving caring people but that they are allowing themselves to be mentally controlled.

    Assure them that you will be there for them when the blinkers come off and they learn the REAL truth about the WTBTS.

    Turn the tables and shepherd them.


  • wobble

    Most of you guys seem to be in the lucky position of being able to be open and honest about your position,a number of us on JWD are forced to be "cautious as serpents" due to not wanting to be DA'd or DF'd as we have most of our close family still in.I received the "loving" shepherding call last week,during which I was asked the loyalty questions and others that would have got me slung out pronto had I not answered in a dishonest way. This really pains me as I have always hated hypocrasy and lying,and yet am forced to resort to both.

    I am hoping later to at least get some truth over to some of my family,and need to be able to speak to them,so have pity on us poor cult victims!



  • WTWizard

    I prefer to blow them off. Not showing up. Not answering calls that are from the hounders (CallerID sure is a wonderful thing).

  • zagor
    How Do You Deal With Elders?

    like the song goes "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run."

    I do not play with cheaters and bluffers if I can avoid it, and since I can, I don't.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I would treat them like I treat anyone else. According to how they treat me. I have been known to grab them and drag them to the front door of my house ala Al Bundy and toss them out. I have also been known to tell a judicial committee for my mom who made a mess of things that I would respect the Hall because it represents God's house. But if I saw them on the street I would kick in their a**es.

  • Quirky1

    If one or two wanted to met up I would agree with it being informal and have a few beers and shoot the shit but if they wanted a formal meet I would tell them where they could stick it and maybe even a F*ck off or two.

  • LockedChaos

    That type of thing
    is now far in my past
    (28 years since fade)

    I would ignore them

    If family would choose to
    shun me as a result.............
    it would be their loss

    I cannot allow such nonsense
    to influence my day to day living
    or my long term happiness

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