How Do You Deal With Elders?

by minimus 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    I have caller ID. Just don't pick up. Don't answer the door. It worked for calls or drop bys in 5 years.

  • BluesBrother

    I would meet for a 'Bible discussion' , glad to do so....If they wanted a serious meeting I would carefully prepare the ground rules and only do so on my own terms.

    I am sure it would lead to d.f anyway, so at least tell them what I think....

  • undercover
    Bad attitude, Undercover!

    That's not the first time I've been told that...even dating back to when I was an active dub...

  • StAnn

    Elders showed up at my door unannounced about five years ago, wanting to "talk" to me. I told them that I'd be glad to talk to them, if they wanted to hear all of the wonderful things about Christianity I was learning in the Catholic Church. I told them that we're all brothers and sisters in Christ, we just don't always act like it, and I'd love to share it with them. As they walked hastily towards their car, with me following, I was chattering away about how JWs always say that, if you want to know what the WTS teaches, read their literature. I'd applied that same line of thinking to the Catholic Church and, lo and behold, everything the JWs had told me about the Catholic Church was wrong. Wouldn't they like to see in the Catholic Church's own words what they really believe? Here, I've got a Catechism of the Catholic Church I'll give you, hey, where are you going????? As they sped away in their four-door service car......

    They called a few times, hung up when I answered, then finally had the nerve to call back and say that I 'needed' to write a letter of disassociation. Well, I laughed and laughed, told them I didn't "need" to do so because I wasn't a JW. And the Catholic Church had never asked me to do so, and that's that. They hung up.

    Haven't heard from them since.

    Remember, they only have as much authority over you as you give them.


  • Maddie

    The elders have no power over me any more, which is a wonderful feeling! I dont recognise their kangaroo courts, but if I opened the door to one of them or met them while out then I would probably tell them (in a non-aggressive manner) the truth.


  • eyeslice

    I don't get too much attention from the elders that I served with for nearly 25 years. As an ex-elder, I think they are all slightly frightened of me.

  • minimus

    Eyeslice, you are scary, man.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I have wondered many times what I would say if they showed up at my door ? I hope I would have the guts to be like Undercover and share his Bad attitude style .

    It depends on which elder showed up . There are two that i would love just being totally honest and upfront with . I still like them personally ,and think it would not be wasted on them . However if it were a few of the others I just wouldn't give them the time of day and would suggest they move on .

    I wonder if some of the witnesses my husband works with have mentioned the Elders might stop by next time the CO is in town . Because the other day he brought it up that if they ever did stop by he hopes I'm NOT home ! I guess he knows I no longer would sit back and take any guff from them .

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Echoing the words of Eyeslice, after many years of serving as an elder through various fiascos...

    it helps when you know where the bodies are buried.

    As long as I'm not holding up an apostate banner, I don't think they'll want to talk too much with me.


  • minimus

    open Mind, I believe they are leery of me for the same reason. I know a lot.

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