My family wants me to see a Psychiatrist

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  • mary stewart
    mary stewart

    BF, yer post is so ironic. i mean no offense, but those who leave usually feel better and those still in are the ones who need help.

    how is saying that these are the 'last days' something normal? that's weird thinking! hope yer sis wakes up. <hugs>

  • flipper

    BONAFIDE- It sounds like your sister is the one who needs to see a psychiatrist. You are sane and stable my friend. Your whole family is getting paranoid due to being under the influence of " cult mind control" ! You would think your sister would be proud of you being upset about the child molester - but if she is all about protecting the false " image " of the organization - she'd be upset that you may blow the whistle on the abuser to outsiders or other people in the congregations. JW's are ALL about outward appearances. Sorry you are going through this. Invite your sister to go to the psychiatrist with you. Tell her you'll make an appointment for her as well. Good luck, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Pahpa

    I'm not sure that seeing a psychiatrist is going to make any difference with your sister. Jehovah's Witnesses already are conditioned to question the whole field of psychiatry except those psychiatrists friendly to JWs. If you chose one that agreed the problem was your religious association, do you really think your sister is going to accept this? You'll have gone through the motions for nothing.

    I think the advice for you to be the initiator of love in your family is probably the best one. Avoid confrontation on religious subjects. But be prepared that your family may send elders to visit you to "readjust" your thinking and to "help" you spiritually. Delay tactics can help you extend your family association. Wishing you the best during this difficult time.

  • Quester55

    I have to agree with all the posters here, and I'll add one small bit of insight. Every single, solitary time I make myself go to a meeting, I come home and its all I can do to keep from bursting into tears in the parking lot. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOO depressed at the Kingdum Hall. When I stay away and especially spend time with my boyfriend I feel like a brand new woman! I am happy, I am light. I am free. Walking into a Kingdom Hall feels like walking into a prison where I am forced to sit and listen to nonstop putdowns of everything that makes like interesting and enjoyable. School is wrong. In my hall wanting to be married is wrong, having children is wrong, wanting a decent job is wrong, wanting to travel, to entertain to have a late-model car is all wrong, wrong, wrong. I'm so glad I'm in school. It won't be long til I get my degree and get the hell out of dodge!


    (The day I graduate,I'm signing my real name!) For right now I've got to be cool, do what I've gotta do til I can do what I want!

  • lostsheep82

    I have to sympathize with you. A few months ago my mom said the same thing, this is when I started pointing out the mistakes and inconsitencies of the society. She only says that they are imperfect and make mistakes.My answer is if it is GOD's org, we wouldn't have mistakes. She urged me to see a psychiatrist and get help casue my thinking is not normal. I'm not normal. Then I asked her if she loved me unconditionally. She said yes. I said, well when you could have been DF'd I would have NEVER stopped talking to you or ever shunned you or made you feel as low as you make me feel.

    It is THEM that are trapped. We all here, know what it is like to think the way they do. Please know that you are perfectly fine, and we are ALL here to support you. This is a loooooooong road, especially if you've been in da truf for a long time.

    You will get there, and hopefully one day you will find peace. Keep up with this board, it is much encouragement, and truly the only thing that has helped me come to the realization that the 'truth' isn't the truth after all. It is just another man made religion.

    Ask your sister what the definition of 'man made religion' is. She'll describe every OTHER religion. Then ask her WHO started the JW's. IT WAS A MAN. thus man made. My mom had no answer. You have to figure out things that will make THEM think, rather then them sitting at home trying to figure out ways to make YOU think. My mom at that point will hand the phone to my 'anointed' step father, because he can answer me better.

    Please feel free to PM me, as I know what you are going through as most of us on here do. After JWD closes, I will be a personal support if needed. I know some on here have helped me SOOO much. I only found things out since May. I'm so much stronger now due to this site.

    Hang in there kiddo. You are just fine. The loss of family and love kill inside. We would never do that to them, however if we were still in, and blind...who knows. I use to shun my friends. Can't beleive I was so cruel. They say it's love.

    IT'S HATE.

    My thoughts are with you,

    Lost sheep

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