Virtual Kingdom Hall Super-secret Password

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  • karter

    I think there will be more of "us 'than "them" there.

  • Kenneson

    Can someone p.m. me the name of the song? I want to join also before they catch on and change the question. Thanks.

  • Nosferatu

    Aw shit...

    - "You have been banned from The Kingdom Hall Online"

    Shouldn't it say that I've been disfellowshipped?

  • AudeSapere
    Geevee wrote: the security number at our hall was 24 14

    You know. I think I'm almost cured. I stared at that and flipped it around trying to think what's so significant about those numbers. Thought of a few possible twists to make it mean something.

    Later in the thread I found the clue. D'oh!!! Matthew 24:14!!

    I think I'm nearly cleared of the cult-isms. Now just have to work on the social, mental, and emotional aspects.

    It was a good moment for me. Just thought I'd share.

    Regarding the topic of this thread... Great that the password was shared but I (1) agree that is should be moved to 'private' discussion, and (2) think that if too many apostates start chiming in with the witness chat that the witnesses will view it as opposition and persecution. Please just let them have relative privacy. Don't make them feel that even 'safe' places on the net are threats to them. I truly hope that through their 'safe' site many will begin to search other places on the net and then they can start thinking for themselves.

    Don't harrass every witness you encounter. Let them have a little peace and a place to let their hair down a little. Lord knows they don't find it at the Hall.


  • AudeSapere
    Nos wrote: Aw shit... - "You have been banned from The Kingdom Hall Online" Shouldn't it say that I've been disfellowshipped?

    LOL What did you *do*, Nos?? -Aude. PS: Can someone please pm me the number, too. Pretty sure they will change it within a day or so. JWD members probably more than doubled their membership.

  • Nosferatu

    I'm trying to appeal.

    BTW, how often do appeals work in real kingdom halls?

  • BluesBrother

    Hell ! lets do it ...The song for the start of the Service Meeting July 28, in the U K Kingdom Ministry was....Number 6

  • observador

    They're now asking for the song in the KM for the week Sep 21st.


  • Nosferatu

    Don't bother. The elder running that Hall is an asshole :)

  • observador

    Not surprised. But would still like to take a look inside.

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