JWs can't associate with faders anymore???

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  • Pahpa


    I remember the "marking" of individuals in the congregation. It caused a lot of problems at the time. In my congregation, some were going around advertising those they had "marked." It caused some serious divisions usually initiated by the "holier than thou" types.

    As I recall, this was the result of an article in the Watchtower. I think the information was later toned down because of the problems.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    AS I said in a previous thread: ``So it's Spiritual Darwinism within the ``spiritual paradise" is it? Why attempt to restore a so-called ``fader" to full belief? I guess for the elders, it's forget about ``leaving the 99 in search of the one."

  • Gram

    I would love to hear how the "do unto others......" and "love your neighbor" fits into this.

  • LongHairGal


    I remember the topic of 'marking' many years ago and how all the heavies went around marking people. I do remember how it got out of hand. I despised all those over-righteous idiots. Some brotherhood!

    Now that I am not attending, I guess that means that my last few JW friends won't be bothering much with me at some point. I will miss them but I have made friends outside over the years and I hope other faders do the same.

    It is also a fact of life that JW friends or any other friends can move away for various reasons. So, even for 'faithful' practicing JWs, people they care about can still leave them.


  • LisaAnn

    (((((New light for you)))))

  • minimus

    My aunt and her family treat me as df'd per their enlightened understanding of the true meaning of treatment of faders who are no longer wanting the sweet association of the brotherhood. Treat them as dead. If they come into your presence, get out of the room. Run!!!

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