UFO's, can so many sightings be all wrong, or lies?

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  • cameo-d

    UFO's are mentioned in the bible; it's not like its anything new.

    Jacob's Ladder was the "bridge between heaven and earth". Jacob went aboard the spaceship; he walked the stairway to heaven.

    Jacob agreed to the genetic changes and thus the twelve tribes started with his sons.

    Another validation of this is when he wrestled with the angel and was struck in the thigh. This "wrestling" was not a physical thing. It was oral discourse. "Thigh" is often used as a delicate reference to sexual reproduction..."fruit of loins". His being struck in thigh is hint of genetic mutation. His lameness is metaphor for "stumbling". Actually, the whole of humanity took a great fall when Jacob agreed to this.

    Jacob learned a bit about genetics and was excellent breeder. He learned animal husbandry from these wicked angels. this is evident in the way he bred stronger stock for himself out of his fil's herd.

    The wicked watcher angels have been abducting people to carry out genetic experiments. They were created before us and they are resentful because we are "newer models". One thing they have done is to alter our genetics toward being overly aggressive.

    You can read more about this at http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/165415/1.ashx

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    My sister and I were traveling with my parents as we often did back in the 70"s. We were in a small town in Texas and my sister points up and say what's that? It looked like a group of triangles spinning in formation until they sped off. She wanted to report it but I was of opinion that it would be ignored so we never mentioned it again

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I don't doubt these folks are seeing something. UFO means UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object.

  • shopaholic
    I think Hollywood has told us what Spacemen are and we think that is what travelers would look like. What if, the idea of travel in their interaction with us was just some simple thought we all would overlook or feel board with. We want the glamor of Hollywood style space battles and of course all those alien visitations. Maybe they are watching us, in the same way we watch a third world nation fall apart and trying to learn from it and not make the same mistakes. Maybe we are a zoo?


    I totally agree and also I don't think we are alone in the universe. The universe is larger than most human minds could even begin to comprehend. At the risk of sounding crazy, I believe that there are alien civilizations far more advanced than ours. Sometimes I wonder if we're one of their experiments. As a side note, I've met or seen a few folks and wondered if they were aliens.

  • BurnTheShips

    I have on several occasions seen things in the night sky I that I haven't a good explanation for. I am hesitant to attribute these things to aliens, however.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I think most of the things people take for ufos are either some kind of natural phenomenon unrelated to extra terrestrial life or they are some kind of man made machinery. I'm sure there's some pretty advanced millitary technology/experiements that the general public doesn't know about.

  • watson

    Could it have been night hunters for deer (million candle power light, Costco has them for $49)? Walking along the shore of the lake, then climbing a hillside behind the trees then up and over the hill, and out of sight? Maybe it was the wild mushrooms.... Just havn' fun wit ya free. I do feel like someone is watching me all the time though...

  • free2beme

    We were in a Wilderness Area, no hunting, also it was not hunting season. The light idea might be valid, but it is illegal in California to hunt after sunset and it was 1987, did Costco offer such a light at that time. Also, the hill behind the lake was small to none. I did not add this to the original post, but we went to that side of the lake the next morning and found no evidence of anyone having been there; camping, hiking, etc. The trail did not go to that side of the lake, it was bush whacking all the way.

  • Kenneson

    In 1958 my cousin and I were returning from a neighbor's house to my house. We lived in a rural area. Suddenly we noticed a round green ball in the sky (kind of like a full moon, but only green). It made no sound but came down in a wooded area on the other side of the bayou. People said we saw either a flare or swamp gas. Maybe so. I really don't know what it was.

  • free2beme


    While your thought is funny, I think your point is valid. Many believers in UFO's used to be skeptics, until they had an experience that changed all that.

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