38 years, are these people friends ???

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  • lancelink

    Last week my mother died, and since my parents live clear across the country, I had to travel out there and help
    my father with the arraignments.
    They were active, visible witnesses here at home here in Wisconsin for over 15 years.
    I have not attended a meeting for four months now, I have been working on fading away.
    Yet my father placed a death notice in the local paper here, because many of their witness friends live here.
    Well, it has been a week and only One person has made an effort to call me and let me know how sorry they were.
    And yet I wonder,,,, where are all these people that were their so called "friends".
    Is this a tactic of the witnesses, that I have to go to the hall in order for anyone to even say something?
    I am really beginning to feel that these people are pretty phoney with human emotions, i have to go along with the WT facade
    in order for people to somehow act real.?!
    Oh and by the way, i was quite active in the hall all these years, I just recently began dropping away because of the hypocrisies I was seeing.
    Funny, I thought that certain people were my friends during these years, what a wakeup call this has been to me to hasten my fade.
    I keep thinking of that scripture that states " by their fruits will you recognize these men."

  • watson

    I am sorry for your loss Lance.

  • lisavegas420

    I'm sorry for your loss, Lance.

    I don't expect to even hear about my parents death.


  • yknot

    I am sorry

  • shamus100
    I have to go to the hall in order for anyone to even say something?

    Yes. Witnesses are very phoney. You are only good to them as long as you go to meetings.

    It's a sad misconception that they are with you through thick and thin. You're bad assosiation, don't you know.

    I'm very sorry for your loss.

  • flipper

    LANCELINK- I am very sorry for your loss. Hopefully you can continue to be of some comfort to your father in his and your time of need . Be a comfort to one another. Seeings how as you have noticed the witnesses don't do much in the way of comforting. My heart oes out to you friend

  • MadGiant

    I am sorry for your loss Lance. Ismael

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Sorry for your loss, Lance. I hope and pray that you find some peace and the love of your mom to quiet your pain.

    It is so hard to lose a parent. My dad died back in 1994. He claimed to be annointed and was a very strong reader of the Bible and prayed a lot each day. When he lay dying in the hospital none of the brothers came to see him. Their only concern was that if he didn't go to the memorial that they would take him the emblems the following month.

    He died a few days before their damned memorial. We had him cremated and they had a memorial service/sales talk at the hall. The po came up to my brother and instead of trying to console him he told him what he needed. "A Book Study".... A couple of days later the po came to my home as I was grieving with a new elder wannabe in tow. He proceeded to tell me that they were there to remind me not to pray to my dad. I kicked their asses outta my house.

    Lance, count your blessings that the turnout has been minimal.

  • Quandry

    So sorry, Lance, to hear about your mother. Mine died five months ago. It is hard, very hard. Allow yourself to grieve...don't let those losers get to you. Cherish your memories of your mom.

  • BlackPearl

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Your explanation for leaving is a large part of the same reason we left. Not all of, but a large part. BP

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